Poetry:; The Groaning Man

Sin wraps itself around my chest
I wallow in riches like the flowers
I sing like the elders before the throne
I glitter like the coal mixed with gold

My tie dances on my bouncing pot belly
My soul crawls in agony
People clap their hands at me in agony
Am I a person who deserves glory like hoary?

My suit sings on my snowy shirt
My heart is a charcoal painted by the air
At its sight they compare me with the saints,
dwelling in that home above the sky
But please, despise me, I'm dry like a desert

My socks glitter in my shining shoe
It says peace with its lips
People tint in joy, wishing they were me
Overlooking the river of thoughts that swallow my heart

I suffer in pain nobody knows
They worship me like the stars
Thick haze covers their faces
And they know not,
 that thousands suffer in me in pain

I'm the church
Harboring a river of thorns
Souls suffer in tears, for the spirit is gone
Please call Him back, for heaven to leap in joy

The church suffers in pain
People dress in suit like a saint
Color lights up the wall like paradise
But the spirit is waving His hands,
saying goodbye "The Groaning man"

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