Winning Entries from The New Man Writing Contest (NMWC) 2019

Last  year, we launched the 2019 edition of the New Man Writing Contest, running through various states, local governments and the many nooks and crannies of our immediate society.

We collected these 1012 entries within 3 months from 24th July till 29th October, 2019. We had a sum of  214 prose works, 161 drama/short plays, 346 poems and 291 Essays that were submitted as entries from across 58 secondary schools in Nigeria. Today, we have our final winners.

Reading through these articles, poetry pieces and prose works in the past few months, we are again assured that we are on the right path towards securing the future of new men in our society. The thought process of the students, their analysis in different modes and how they successfully translate societal problems and solutions into writing is an amazing light that should be tapped into. We are glad we have helped them find this light.

All of these leave us sworn to remain dedicated to combing out the forest of literary virginity on students of secondary schools in Nigeria.

Today, I have the sole honour to announce the top three winners in The New Man Writing Contest, 2019 edition. This writing contest, in her fourth year has the aim of combing out the forest of literary virginity amongst students of secondary schools. 

On behalf of The New Man Movement, I hereby announce the following works and writers as winners based on these criteria:
1. Creativity and Originality
2. Literary Devices, themes, diction, rhythm and command of language.

1. African Heritage and Values by Adeleke Adeniran
2. My name is Africa by Adewonuola Ifeoluwa Esther
3. The Future of Harms and Hopes by Edechukwu Matthais

I congratulate the winners and appreciate everyone who contributed to the success of The New Man Writing Contest 2019. God bless you all. We look forward to a better contest this year.

The Prize Awards Day would hold in  January, 2020 at the Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife, Osun Nigeria. On this day, the formalities of the call for entries for our 2020 edition of the writing contest will be revealed and we would open our portals for submissions. 

Nelson Vincent, 
Lead Volunteer, New Man Movement.

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