These 14 days : A better method !

Hi , have missed you ! Did you miss me . I bet you have 😁😁 I hope I am not flattering myself 🤣 . As usual and as you know , it only keeps getting hotter and more real on the "These 14 days" !!😊😊 and on today's episode is a recent graduate of law from obafemi awolowo university and an Artiste , a singer to be precise and also a believer ! . Do rest your back and read on . It is about to be another ☕️☕️☕️ , enlightening insightful message . Thank you !  

I moved back to Lagos after my final year project was concluded successfully in March 25. So, to me, it was more than 14 days and nights. It was a couple more days added to it and a teachable time and experience.

There were a lot of activities globally seizing the interest of many minds. Amidst these activities and remarkable events was the pandemic: the covid-19 virus. As I write you my course of personal notable changes, I will tell you my thoughts, beliefs and eventually, my decision.

The virus was in China and Spain was taking its share of the unwanted effects the virus carried before I actually took it serious.

Before now, I was that sect of Nigerians that paid little or mild attention to the weariness of other nations whenever they were agitating for help. I count the ills in my country and think of how to save my country from loosing itself. My colleagues and friends, they would sit and talk about the country Nigeria and I wish I was it's Superman. I bet in my head, I had saved more lives than Jesus Christ in his days😅😅Boom ! 💥 The virus won its first follower in Nigeria.It hit me! What if I had prayed for them ? 

Philippians 2:3-5 

'Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus' 

I didn't have to be in rivalry with them mentally. Considering them with little empathy was already making my supposed love for humanity questionable. So, I asked for forgiveness and prayed for the world in general whilst I daydream saving the country in my green cape and hoping to change it someday at my allotted time.

We gotta pray for the world.That is a great lesson for me and I am glad I found that out.

I am an artiste. Singer, to be precise. I took up artistry more seriously this year. I started this year with so much vibrance and promise that I would show a rise for every day and every week I would be graced with life this year. The pandemic poured liquid strains on my blueprint delaying and sidelining many of my plans mostly financially.I was distracted by confusion and sadness because I couldn't take it out there, show the world and grow the way I wanted to.After a week of realizing there was nothing I could do about the state of things, I told God to give me the spirit to be calm.Most of my close friends are surprised that I am not depressed about it since they know how focused I can be when I wanna see something through.

In the past, when I didn't see a change or progress and others were doing the exact same thing, I wore two expressions. I would be unhappy but not jealous. I would get up and do more. To be frank, few times I ask God what didn't I do while most times, I call my team together without asking my maker (God) if he could join us. Now, I can't see anyone running too far ahead. I am still running. I stopped, I asked God what do I do? I apologized for all the times I didn't do right by him and I promised when everyone begins the rat race again, he and I are running together.

Lastly, Family 

Pulling close to family at this time was bound to happen. Discovering tolerance, love, peace and communication despite the new differences was pristine as I achieved it smoothly.I figured out that in the frenzy of so many goals, chasing financial freedom, titles and so many of our different destinations. There is always God waiting by our side waiting for us to say "I need you, show me what I can not see on my own" Also, whatever your worries are today, they  weren't meant to define your bus stop. I know you know that but what you don't know is worrying is you taking all the challenges on yourself and not considering God to make it HIS and turn it around.

The best is yet to come. 

Stay true to yourself

Thank you guys for reading again ! We have all learnt so much from the series "these 14 days" and I hope you got a take home as usual . See you on Saturday for our last episode on the "these 14 days . Don't we all love Paul black right now 👏👏👏 . 

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