These Fourteen Days: A Blessing in Disguise

ANN : Weird as it may sound, I personally consider the lockdown an instrumentally timely event. I must say that these 14 days have been the most productive for me in terms of my personal development plans and schedule. I have had ample time to do the things I've always wanted to do and I'm thankful for it.
Nice , so far what have you missed?😃

Honestly, I miss my job, a lot! I miss my colleagues, my patients, and activities at work. I've gotten so acquainted with my work schedule and environment that I sometimes wish that the COVID-19 pandemic never happened. But in the same vein, I am grateful to God for the opportunity to take out quality time to rest, slow down on activities, do an in-depth evaluation of my life and progress this past quarter and to also re-strategize and do some proactive planning towards post COVID-19 pandemic and the second half of the year.

 TOLA : You said earlier that the pandemic break is an instrumental timely event for you , we don’t mind knowing how so we can learn one or two things 😃😃

Due to my meticulous and proactive nature, I carefully planned out my schedule for the Self-isolating period while working on my goals for the second quarter of the year and submitted to my mentor for accountability purposes and that's what I have been about these 14 days. I have been intentionally engaging myself in a lot of spiritual activities, praying which is at the top of the list. It's been so beautiful spending more time with Abba. This I have always desired deeply and when we entered this season I knew He was also looking forward to the time of fellowship because He loves and desires it much more than I do. It's been amazing really!

Asides that, I've also been actively giving myself to God's Word, in the terms of listening to messages from my amazingly sound Pastor and studying and meditating! I must say that I haven't enjoyed this much light, ever! I've also enjoyed engaging in exercising. I couldn't afford it before now because I had to wake up as early as 4:30am to prepare for work and exercising was such a struggle. I'm so thankful that I do not have to get up that early anymore, at least for now and that I can also do some exercises and keep fit.
Developing competence in my field is one of my top goals for the year and I deliberately decided to major on it this second quarter. It's been really good as I have been able to read and add quite some knowledge during this period. Online courses have come in handy for me this period and it's been a season of enlightenment! I have also engaged actively in planning and preparing for the next half of the year. Planning is one of my hobbies and it's been exciting and so much fun doing that this period.

Generally, I've been privileged in my capacity to be a blessing and an impact in my sphere of influence and I bless God for that. I've had adequate rest these 14 days and I feel so strong and refreshed, thanks to the rest, the exercises and of course the spiritual engagements. Well, I have not been doing so well with food this period, due to some reasons but it's all good. Keeping in touch with my loved ones, especially those abroad has been way easy this period as the world is seemingly on hold and everyone has got some more time on their hands. I’m really thankful for this.
Thankfully, I celebrated my birthday on Easter Sunday. I was desperately hoping and praying that the lockdown would be over at that time but it didn't happen. Well, I enjoyed every bit of my day though it was quite a quiet one. COVID-19 had nothing on me as I got two surprise cakes, it was quite a good celebration!😍😍😍
These 14 days have been great and I’m looking forward to greater times ahead!

 TOLA : This is really inspiring !! Thanks for sharing but before  we call it a wrap , I would love to ask this question as a Christian psychologist, how can you advice us on managing our emotions in times like this ? 

 ANN : Emotions are fickle and are most times determined by the information one's mind processes.The processing of these information leads to either an outburst of emotions or an inburst.It is interesting to know that you can master your emotions by choosing the information you allow your mind to process.During this period, no matter the amount of information flying around whether valid or bogus, consciously choose to feed on the right information that would build you up and uplift your spirits.

This period, pay the price to consciously feed on God's word and listen to edifying and uplifting messages from sound teachers of the Gospel, read inspirational books by profound authors as well! In summary, consciously and intelligibly engage your mind and be careful what you harbor in your mind because it becomes your reality eventually.

 TOLA : Wow,  permit to say it is what it is guys 😂😂. we  really need to keep fear where it belongs , OUT OF OUR MIND  ☕☕☕☕   . To finally wrap this wholesome conversation ,  Ann , What is your own take on how we should spend the rest of the pandemic break ? 

 ANN : I’d  advise young people to do two things during this period;

- Go on a journey of Self-Discovery. It's worth the experience!

-Be totally committed to Personal Development!
Make a list of growth areas you need to pay attention to, create a schedule and begin to work on them.

Try to enjoy your time indoors, learn to enjoy your own company. Be comfortable with being by yourself. This shows wholeness and completeness, which is a strong character trait.
Thank you

Ann is a  Christian psychologist and a coach . You want to be a total woman ? Ann is there to coach you through it ! Thanks Ann for sharing your truth with us . I have learnt discipline ! 😄. Comment on what you have learnt from Ann these 14 days .  

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