These Fourteen Days

How are you enjoying the  compulsory break mr Onuche 

 I'm not sure how I should start but I must start from somewhere. On how I've spent the "break".  I haven't really seen it as a break to begin with because I had some things in mind for the year so what I already have going on have just been given more time, or maybe less, because my brothers crashed my plans when they couldn't make it home before the lockdown.

So what have I been doing this break?
This is basically like my daily routine. ☺

Firstly, I've given more time to study of the bible and prayers. You see, it may sound pretty unconventional but that's what it is. It's for me the best way to go and grow in life so that's topmost priority. πŸ™πŸΎ

Secondly, I've given more time to reading books that help me grow in business and personal development. I didn't like reading as much but I was encouraged to when I saw how much my younger brothers read and funny I can even remember my youngest brother giving me an issue over the phone why I would let a day pass without reading. πŸ˜‚ I was really intentional about reading this year as I can't even remember finishing up to 5 books throughout a year. By this month alone I've read more than what I had totalled in any year before. I read 1 hour every or 3 chapters or 30 pages depending on the book, but I must finish at least 2 books every month. Some other  people have been major forces in encouraging me to read.πŸ“š

Thirdly, I've been learning programming. I started with visual programming in February and still on it. I'm hopeful to start on text-based by the middle of the year. It's been pretty interesting...and boring. πŸ˜”

 Fourthly, CHORES/ERRANDS. I've written it in caps. Lol, Yeah, I know. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Who else feels like parents should just write a list of things they need done so you just do them at once instead of calling you every time. I see some hands raised. Lol, that's the feeling. Taking care of my baby sisters doesn't exactly feel like a chore because it just really helps with relaxing. Assisting in the kitchen may just be like my real deal. I love cooking! It's my number one thing. I like food, I should like cooking too. πŸ˜… No try me and cooking.

 What have you learnt so far ... 

If I've learnt anything in these 2 weeks, it's multitasking. I was really bad at it! I could completely loose it when I had to just mix 2 things or more. I've most definitely also enjoyed the time with my family, though it would've been more fun had my guys returned home, but now no be fun time.

Seems you have been doing so much compared to some of us 😌😁 so how do you think we can all be productive during this compulsory holiday 

How would I advise you to make use of this period? πŸ€”Find out for yourself! People are not exactly the same so there's no straight jacketed way on that. I've got friends who are doing as much as rediscovering themselves to as much as taking online courses to as much as just making sure to get the really needed rest. Don't let anyone set any standards for you. Define what success is to you and be intentional about it this period. Living intentionally is a sure guarantee for good success.

Take care of you. Stay safe.

- Ogboyi Onuche Caleb (OnucheOfTheRoots)

And that’s it from Onuche caleb , a graduate of law from obafemi awolowo university , ile ife and an entrepreneur with global vision with Africa as his centre of focus as he popularly address himself , A child of God . Onuche favorite bible verse is Job 32:8 
But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

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