Biography of Minister Ufuoma Moses

Minister Ufuoma Moses is the convener of the Out-pouring Ambassadors. He hails from Ekroda Village in Delta State, Nigeria. His Mother was from OYOBRU VILLAGE which is inside DELTA STATE- Under a town called JESSE TOWN and his father was from Ekroda Village in Jeses town, Delta State.

Full Biography of Minister Ufuoma Moses

Ufuoma Moses was born into a polygamous family in Ekroda Village as the third child of his Parents with two elder sisters - from him mother's side, and from his dad side he has a brother and sister ahead of him. From his father side, he is the only male child that his mother has.
His father happen to marry another wife, after the illness of him mother, Ufuoma Moses testify that his father actually tried a lot in teams of responsibility his Dad is his number 1 man , despite the happenings in the family, his Dad never gave up. Ufuoma Moses attended a primary school called – IDJERHE PRIMARY SCHOOL 🏫, That was also where he finished his primary school, and he enter the secondary school which is know as IDJERHE SECONDARY SCHOOL. That was where he finished his secondary school in Year 2017, he was supposed to write his Exam ( Finial enrollment WEAC / NECO) as at 2017, but his parent couldn't raise Money for him. So his Education was delayed. 
Ufuoma Moses was given privilege to be a twins, which was the junior among both, but due to life and circumstances his senior sister past out, ( this results to a very terrible sickness to Ufuoma Moses, because that is what they believe in Their custom, Ufuoma Moses was a sicklier, when he was a young child 🚸. His biological father got tire of Caring for him and his mother, because they never thought hope will come. So his mother crying 😭 and Praying to God almighty to help her and God almighty knowing the great destiny he has destine for him, he did as well help the mother by Saving UFUOMA MOSES. This was the joy of the mother, seeing that God answered her prayer 🤲. 

Ufuoma Moses grow up in a way of Christ, being a member of CHRIST GOSPEL CHURCH. There was where he was raise as a choir and also a Keyboardist. God so much help  Ufuoma Moses, Until he travel to the nearest town call SAPELE, DELTA STATE, that was where he later gave his life to Christ, under the living faith church Cruddas  road, Delta state that was were Christ delivered him. Before he associated with companies of believers and his life and ministry was place in proper shape of life and Destiny. 
Ufuoma Moses was raised in a Christian home, but due to life circumstances and situation he later deviated from loving God that much and his activities, this makes him to lived a wayward life, and suddenly the Grace of God located him at the Age of 19years, which happens to walk with God not fully perfect, went through WOFBI under winners, WORD OF LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTE. There was were the spirit of God arrested him, and he was totally change, of which he was part of those who is against the right path of life. The ministry of THE OUT-POURING AMBASSADORS 🔥🌏. Was delivered to him at the Age of 21years old, of which as he was growing God was revealing more of the ministry to him. And that how the Ministry started from OGUN STATE, Nigeria.

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