5 Lessons from the Life of Samson

Samson was one of the greatest judges in the Bible. From his unique birth fore-told to the point of his death, the people of Israel experienced great liberation from God through his leadership. However, like almost every other human, he had his flaws and that’s where this article comes in today - sharing lessons from the good and the bad sides of his life.

The following are some interesting lessons from the life of Samson

1. Obey God Completely - Judges 13

Samson's parents were instructed by the angel of God to care for Samson while he was in the womb.

They lived their lives in complete obedience to God's instructions and for as long as Samson obeyed those instructions, he was safe in God’s hands. However, he went astray and disobeyed God held them away.

2. Do not defile Yourself

Samson was warned not to eat any dead animals but when he killed a lion in Judges 14:5-9, the Bible records that he took the honeycomb and ate it from the lion, thereby defiling himself and deviating from God's presence gradually. As believers, we must understand that defilement makes use prone to satanic attacks and evil. Always stay away from all forms and appearances of sin.

3. Open up to Spiritual Authority

In Judges 14:5-9, after Samson ate the honeycomb from the lion, he didn't tell his parents who in this case, were like spiritual parents to him. He hid his sins and that was just the beginning of his downfall. 

The Bible in Proverbs 28:13 says, he that covers his sins shall not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them shall receive mercy. In this case, we must learn as believers that when God gives you an instruction through your spiritual fathers, mother's, mentors and other people with ranking authority in your life, and you disobey, open up to them instead of hiding. Tell them what has been going on and they will guide you in the path of repentance while monitoring you to ensure that you don’t go astray again.

4. Do not expose your divine secrets - Judges 16:15-21

When God gives or reveals things about our destiny, you should not go about telling people you don’t know the future God has promised you.

Samson gave his secrets of his power to Delilah and she used it against home by making him blind and that ended Samson.

5. Don't be Unequally yoked with Unbelievers love somebody maritally that does not love God - Judges 14:3-4

As a believer in Christ, you should not marry someone who doesn’t love God. Marriage is a union between husband and wife to become one. 

Do not love or marry someone who does not worship the Lord, a pagan or unbelievers.

Samson’s ungodly love for Delilah who was a Philistine caused him to make lot of mistakes and he paid dearly with his life.

There are many more lessons to learn from the life of Samson. Have you ever studied the life and history of Samson? If yes, kindly share some lessons you learnt as well in the comments. You may also read other lessons from Bible Characters in our series here.

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