Eseyin Daniel Author Profile

Daniel Eseyin ia an Author, Professional Content Creator and Copy Editor.
Eseyin Daniel Author Profile

I have 5+ years of professional experience in Web Content Creation, Proofing, and Editing. 
My Writing Prowess covers the following areas:

• Web Contents
• Academic Writing (articles & other publications)
• Scholarship Essays
• Ghostwriting

My other areas of value are:
• Personal Growth Mentorship, and
• Career Development Coaching.

The following are also contained in my portfolio of experience and achievements:

✓ Author of two self-help books. Sold and distributed to over 700 customers in 3 Nations.

✓ Written and Published over 600 Articles online and on Public Magazines.

✓ Edited over 50 academic books, scholarship essays and articles for maximum readability and sales conversion.

My Core Values are:
✅ Responsibility
✅ Excellence and
✅ Honesty

Thanks! 👍
Eseyin Daniel O.

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