Victory Anyaele Author Profile

Victory Anyaele Author Profile

Victory Anyaele is an aspiring young adult and unique writer with 5 years experience in writing and generating leads.

With a passionate flair for writing from a very tender age, Victory has grown to become a professional video marketer and lead generation specialist.

Victory currently works as a writer on Upwork, and by the side, she writes a health and fitness website where she talks all things about health and healthy living.

As a gospel content writer, Victory has written and published articles for many christian magazines, and currently volunteers at the New Man Movement as a Gospel Content Writer.

I am also a vast story teller,I have some unpublished works which I will publish soon,my passion for writing is a natural feeling I can't explain,each time I bring my notepad and pen closer,I feel this great bustling energy hovering around me,My wishes is to help people through my write ups,win souls for Christ through the gospel articles I write,and help people ones gain knowledge on how to live a healthy life,I am also looking forward to be a successful and top rated writer of so many books and articles.
I am also a student,an undergraduate of the university of uyo,akwa ibom. Where am studying to be a nurse,so that explains why I diver into the health niche writing,I am fun to be with,am goal oriented,friendly,and nice.

Victory loves writing, reading, singing and cooking.I am a strong christian who loves Jesus and will help spread words about him to people,Am a Nigerian by birth and believe that one day I will tour the world, preaching and helping the sick.

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