Congratulations Pour In As Reverend Kesiena Esiri Celebrates His Birthday Today

 Reverend Kesiena Esiri, who is a pastor, instructor and writer has taken to his social media handle to express his gratitude towards God on his birthday.

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for another year!

The burden of my existence at this hour of this very day, every year, overwhelms me. I reach for the convenience of mortal language to try to express my heart, yet all I have are tears. Words are truly inadequate! 

I count it great privilege to serve at Your behest. What would my life have been if You didn't find a place in Your agenda for me? 

Everything on this side of eternity pales in comparison to my desire for my existence to bring You uttermost pleasure. Give me strength to stay the course despite the hurdles that lie ahead. Help me!!!

Do with me as it pleases You. Make of me that which reveals the dazzling efflulgence of Your glory. Spend my life!

I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.

Reverend Kesiena Esiri is the resident pastor of The Remnant Christian Network, Delta State. He has authored three books; Organized Religion, Naked Flesh and Walk.

Happy birthday Reverend Kesiena Esiri

Thank you for yielding to God's call and blessing lives


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