Partnerships, Sponsorships & Donations

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The New Man Movement is a Non-Governmental, Gospel Media organisation.

At The New Man Movement, we regularly carry out projects that help the society largely. Most of these programmes have been recognised by individuals of integrity and high profile. These individuals have been the sole support of our projects.

In pursuing our goals and fulfilling our projects, we spends value in money, time, strength and other resources. As such, the increasing need for these resources cannot be less explained.

The New Man Movement is open to Partnerships with firms which are willing to contribute to the success of our programmes and projects. These partnerships could cover media, publicity, sponsorship, brand effects and other areas. To discuss partnerships with us, please click here.

Also, as an organization, we solely run on financial contributions from our core team members. These contributions come voluntarily in charity and also as a financial obligation for members. You can become a member by clicking here.

At certain other times like this, we open our doors to extra contributions from individuals, ministries, businesses, brands and organizations that they may contribute to the success of our projects. These gifts go a long way to support the good work we do.

We will be glad to receive your donations. They go a long way. We also regularly publish account and transaction history and so your money goes in the right purpose.

To make your donations to the New Man Movement, kindly click here

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