Be His Baby

It was a very cold Tuesday morning and a quite flooded one in Lagos . I was alone with the Holyspirit and we talked about a couple of things bothering me for a while then finally he led me to worship. I remember very well as we spoke I shed some tears. If you are familiar with him, you would know he does that every now and then. He sees us, he knows us and when we come to him asking the father for healing, he exposes the pain and comforts us. He is our strength, our comforter and our helper. God gave us a gift indeed. 

Above all that we discussed, we talked about being a baby again. He said “Hey Tola, that’s what you are meant to be; a baby . Due to my natural temperament, I love being in control a lot and this is so for every choleric in the house, we love to be in charge , we love to know what’s going on with us, what the future is. If possible we had love to do everything we are sent here to do at the age of 24. Childhood situations too have also influenced my thoughts and the way I act and I brought that control freak nature into my relationship with God . 

Be a baby again, be a baby daily . This was the shocking and sweet thing I heard that morning as I fellowshipped with the holyspirit. The challenge most of us Christians have is even though we have given our life to Christ , we still want to be in charge ! We have accepted Jesus as our savior but not as our lord . Lord means "master" and each time God refers to us, he calls us his children but this is not that reality in our actions, thoughts and behaviors hence the difficulties in leading us and telling us what to do. You and I need to be his babies. That's what he wants and desires , not some grown-ass kids trying to figure everything out ourselves . 

Babies are so vulnerable, sincere and always want to be helped with everything. Even though we can’t be physical babies for life but we can be God's baby(ies) for life no matter our age(s). There is no way we can be led and listen if we think that we are adults before God. We are his children and it takes us remaining his baby boys and girls for life to be able to access his gifts and love for us. We are his forever. 

I believe this blessed you a lot. Be his baby again! Be his baby everyday! I love you and I hope to write to you soon again . You are loved! 

Mathew 18:3


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