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Welcome to the New Man Advertising. We greatly appreciate your trust in us to deliver your Adverts to the widest audience through our platforms.

The New Man is a Gospel digital media platform creating interesting media products and content for Christians. We lead the most engaging conversations around Spirituality, Doctrines, Church culture, innovation, Christian entertainment and all the things that matter to Christians today. So, if you want to reach a fresh and robust audience of Nigerian Christians especially between the ages of 17 and 55, then we are here for you to help you tell timeless, original and relatable stories.

Our content team of Christian journalists, content writers and video producers will work with you to create original text, image and video based content in a fresh and authentic voice to help your brand connect meaningfully with our growing Digital Christian audience. In results, your brand will reach a diverse and influential audience across Nigeria and globally.

We have a large WhatsApp family in Nigeria spread across our Gospel/Christian News, Entertainment, Sport, Jobs and Scholarship channels.

We reach millions of Nigerians and foreigners (home and abroad) through our uniquely developed content and can help you boost the visibility of your business to valuable customers.

Advert Types

We create and distribute world class content across various interests: God and Money, Christian Life, and more. Members of our audience usually come for our specific content and in line with that, we offer:

1. High Impact Advertising

We offer digital display ads just like our pushdown ad unit on the homepage which makes for a high-impact advertising option for campaign launches, event launches and more. You can utilize high impact messaging and premium positioning to attract our audience, and generate interest around your products and services. This pricing is completely negotiable. Kindly contact us below for prices.

2. Standard Website Advertising

We offer web standards ads through a range of banners on strategic sections of our website. Measured in pixels, these ad formats include: 

  • Billboards – 970 X 250 (N30,000 monthly)
  • Large Leaderboard (Desktop and MacBook Users Only) – 780 X 250 (N70,000 monthly)
  • Leaderboard with 780 X 90 (N50,000 monthly)
  • Mid-Page Units 300 X 350 (N20,000 monthly)
Please note that these prices are subject to discounts if you’re bringing offers beyond one month.


3. Email Newsletters

Our News Letters, The New Man Daily and our weekly special Letters from God goes out to 500+ active subscribers by 8 am. You can leverage our growing subscriber base to reach your desired audience.
Our Email Ad rates are

  • Sponsored Email Leaderboad Banner (728x90) - N300,000 yearly
  • Full Sponsored Email advertising for your product/service - N40,000 per month (email to be sent three times)

4. Sponsored Content

Here, we have:

  • Branded Listicles: These are custom text based content written for your brand. These lists will be published on our website upon the brand’s approval and promoted across our social platforms. They cost a one time fee of N30,000 ONLY.
  • Videos: Unlike most mainstream videos made for television or premium streaming platforms, our videos are loosely scripted and centered around various Christian topics. With a very relatable production process, our videos bring your brand closer to your desired audience.
  • Instagram Carousels: This allows our team to create custom photo-text image content for your brand to be published on our Instagram page upon the brand’s approval and promoted. They cost N20,000 ONLY.
  • Featured Article: This allows you to ignite meaningful conversations and interest around your brand, product (launch), and services. This costs N50,000 ONLY.
  • Podcast Sponsorship: Here, you can target our highly engaged podcast listeners with promotions, and track call to action responses. This costs N50,000 ONLY.


5. Event Coverage

You can invite us to cover your Christian or Gospel event and generate the buzz that will place you top of mind with customers and attract potential customers.

  • Photo and News Event Coverage (N50,000 within Nigeria - excluding transport and accommodation)
  • Photo and News Event Coverage (N200,000 outside Nigeria - excluding transport and accommodation costs)
  • Photo, Video and News Coverage - N200,000 (within Nigeria, excluding transport and accommodation costs)
  • Photo, Video and News Coverage - N500,000 (outside Nigeria, excluding transport and accommodation costs).

WhatsApp Advertising

We offer Adverts on our WhatsApp groups by sending your business message to the platforms. Our groups range across News, Entertainment, Sport, Jobs and Scholarships. You can decide where you want your Advert to be sent.

You can also send images, and group link to give your brand its deserved publicity.

Pricing: Your Advert will be shown to each group containing more than 250 members at ₦200 only per group. This advert can go into as many groups as you want (Available groups: 350+).

Sponsored News Report: ₦100 per group for all our existing news groups and a ₦10,000 publishing fee for it to published on our website.

Facebook Advertising

We offer an option to (coming soon)

Instagram Advertising

(Coming soon)

X Advertising

(Coming soon)

TikTok Advertising

(Coming Soon)

LinkedIn Advertising

(Coming Soon)

Want to Advertise?

If you have made up your mind to advertise with us, please Contact us today. We are online on WhatsApp, so you can chat with us directly through +2348146798514

You can also send us an email here [email protected]

Advertising Policy

Our policy does not allow the promotion of Adult (18+) products, Ponzi schemes, betting, and other related products or services. Advertisers are also required to compose the advertisements in simple and clear messages so that users will find it easy to understand and contact you. We will not bear the cost of (or refund the price for) any non-responsive advertisements that does not align with our policy.

If you are interested in partnership or advertising with the New Man, kindly use the contact form above or send us a message here

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