About Us

The New Man Movement is a Gospel Media Organisation.

We are a body of young, christian, vibrant minds who are media inclined and desire the true value of change in society through the Gospel of Christ.

By Vision, we desire the raising of New Men in Society; the regeneration of the old and a total reshape of systems into a profitable and life accommodating template.

Our mission is:
1. To reach our society with the power of the media, especially individuals at the transition stage of 15-30 years and effect positively, their lives through the Gospel of Christ.

2. To help this generation rid off odd legacies and substitute them for positive ones (not with a means of brainwash but productive teaching through the media)

3. To reach individuals who have lost a sense of belonging in the physical, emotional and psychological state and help then reconcile as New Men into the Society.

4. To develop a revolutionary based strategy to search out and develop "who you are" - a New Man.

5. To discover innovative digital teaching techniques that would impact the character and lifestyle of people positively.

6. To set up a leadership development programme that focuses on identity and self-worth/esteem building.

We carry out our aims and objectives include:
1. The New Man Conference.
2. The New Man Writing Contest.
3. The New Man Publishers
4. The Prayer Circle & Prayer Network
5. Audios, Videos, and Social Media Projects
6. The Christians in Business and Entrepreneurship
7. The Ark Cinemas and Studios

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