5 Things to Know about Your Self-Esteem as a Believer

Many wrong things amount for self esteem which should not be. For instance, your self esteem cannot and should not be based on what you do for a living because you feel worthless when you no longer do it. At the same time, it must not be based on what you own because you will be worthless when you lose it. Again, your self esteem must not be as a result of people's opinion about you because you become vulnerable to rejection and you keep on trying to.satisfy people.

Your Self-Esteem as a Believer

What then should self esteem be based on?

Your identity is traced to God (see Genesis 1:26)

It is not what you do, what you wear, what you own, not how you look, not what you can do, and not even who you are connected to...

If your esteem or worth is tied to the above things and not in your original identity in God, you built it on a faulty foundation.

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