The Reward for Diligence: Gospel Today Devotional - 3rd September, 2023

The Reward for Diligence: Gospel Today Devotional - 3rd September, 2023

Diligence has a reward. It pays to be diligent, that is, being able to give you all to a particular purpose. Being a believer in Christ Jesus doesn't rule out the place of diligence. That we have been saved by grace through faith does not mean we are not to do with our might that which our hands find to do (Ecclesiastes 9:10a). Believers are not lazy people neither is Christianity a call to laziness or slackness. In fact, that you're a believer, it becomes a must that you're diligent.

No one gets anywhere by being lazy, right? Take for instance you're a student, and it is expected that you read before an exam but on your own, you decide to be careless about it, even if you're a believer, lack of preparation gives room for failure. The scripture talks and exalts the place of diligence. Could it be that the reason we experience many of the things we experience as believers is as a result of the fact that we are not diligent as we should be or not diligent at all? Enough of the excuses, let's do as we have seen from scripture. To your faith, add diligence.

The Lord has been opening our eyes to quite a lot even since we started this series, hasn't He? And I am sure you have been blessed even as I have, right? Today, we shall be considering another important lesson from the book of Proverbs that will serve as an awakening to every believer to do that which is expected of them. Let's examine the passage of scripture below, shall we?

He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich (Proverbs 10:4).

Look at what the scripture says, "He becomes poor that deal with slack hands". I want you to note something, that the scripture didn't say believers or unbelievers and by that statement, it means to say that anyone who deals with slack hands becomes poor. It is not a curse but rather a reward for not being diligent.  It doesn't matter whether you're a believer, lack of diligence yields no profiting result. It only brings you to a state where you're constantly in need of help seeing that you have failed on your part to do what is necessary. The principle here is for all.

It is true we depend on God and he is our help, but that is not and should not be a license to be lazy. Believers in Christ Jesus are not a set of lazy people but are rather a set of persons who understand scriptural principles and live by it. They are diligent people. If you would be lazy (work with a slack hand), then the automatic result is that you would be in need without the ability to help yourself and depending on people. Diligence place you in a position where you're not only able to help yourself but to help others as well.

The first part addresses those who are lazy while the second part addresses those who are diligent. Let's see that; it says that the hand of the diligent makes rich which means that anyone who does that which his hands find to do with his might will have no need to depend on others or be in want of things. He himself will have enough to give himself and then to others. It is an automatic reward, a consequence for being diligent. This is to charge our hearts that as believers, we are not to give room for complacency, laziness, but we are to be diligent with whatever and in whatever we have been given to do. It pays to be diligent and being a believer does not exempt you from obeying this principle. The Lord help us to understand this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day:

Being a believer does not rule out the place of diligence. As a believer, whatever your hands find to do, you should do with your might. It pays to be diligent.

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