He is Forever Faithful: Gospel Today Devotional - 23rd October, 2023

The promises of God to David and to his house were recounted in the 89th Psalm. It seemed somewhat like a reminder to God of the things he had promised him, and his lineage but it was though the opposite was happening and that God had forgotten his promise.

He is Forever Faithful: Gospel Today Devotional - 23rd October, 2023

So the 89th Psalm records first the promises of God to his servant David, and on the basis of that, he was making a plea for mercy, and a remembrance of the things God himself had said to him.

Well, that is to serve as a background into today's devotional. A very interesting statement is that which I want you to see amongst the many things the Psalmist said in the 89th chapter, particularly in the 34th verse. The statement is seen below,

"My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips".(Psalm 89:34)

The emphasis in today's devotional is not on the Psalmist's plea but rather on the statement in the 34th verse. Doesn't that describe the faithfulness of God(the ability for him to keep his promises without breaking them)? Of course, it is.

How would you feel if you were made to believe that you could trust your parents so much or your spouse that they would never lie to you or break a promise made? You'd be glad, right? Well, parents may break promises, and loved ones may sometimes disappoint but God will never do that.

Did you read the 34th verse carefully? It says, that God will not break(compromise) his covenant ( not now, not later), nor alter(change) the thing that is gone out of his lips. Glory to God. 

This implies that his words can be trusted because he is  forever faithful. We serve a faithful God. Has the Lord made a covenant with you? Has he said anything to you or about you? Be sure to believe him, and trust him evermore for he(God) will not break his covenant nor alter the thing that is gone out of his lips. He is forever faithful.

Thought for the day: 

While others may break promises and change the words that go out of their lips, it is inconsistent with God to do so. He remains forever faithful. Trust him evermore.

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