Those who Love the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th October, 2022

To say we love someone and then do otherwise will only mean that which we claim is not really what it is. What man would so genuinely love another, and do things that will make the other unhappy. If a father claims to love a child for example, he will do all within his power to take care of the child, his thoughts, and actions towards the child will be that of peace, and not of evil.

Those who Love the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th October, 2022

In Ephesians 5, where the scripture says to the husband to love his wife as his own body, I believe was said because when the husband loves the wife as his own self, he wouldn't dare do anything to hurt his wife since it is expected that what he will not do to his own body, he should not do to his wife. Likewise the wife to her husband. Love gives no room for evil thoughts or actions; it is expected that the love we claim to have for people should dispel any evil thought or plan. What proof is there of love except that the one who loves, hates evil?

Today, and that by the help of God, we shall be looking into an important passage of scripture; a statement so brief but yet powerful, and also that which sends a very important message to all believers who profess not just to know the Lord but also fear him (honour, and respect). The passage of scripture is seen below,

"Ye that love the Lord , hate evil. (Psalm 97:10a).

When a believer acts contrary to the nature of God in him, wouldn't that create some serious concern? Yes, it will. Take for example, there's the brother who claims to so much love the Lord that he can do anything for him. He sings in the choir, prays so powerfully, very involved in the Father's business as people would say of him. Imagine going out one morning, and seeing this same brother I too love God, fighting so seriously to the point that he stabs a person. You be honest, just tell me how that will make you feel.

Or Imagine a sister so vibrant for the Lord, but mind you, based on other people's judgement of her. She sings in the choir, she is one of the leaders in the church, claims to love the Lord so much. Would it not be shocking to you if you found out that sister I too love God was caught fornicating? I'm certain it will. 

Can you now see the reason behind the statement in the passage of scripture above? Our love for God is shown by our hatred for evil ( things that are inconsistent with the nature of God in us, whether in thoughts or in deeds). It is expected for every believer who claims to love the Lord to hate evil, and that's just what the scripture is saying. Will you ever hurt the one you love? Will you really say you love God when you still do those things that are against his nature in you? I bring to you a reminder today, and a message from the Lord, that those who love the Lord, hate evil. I trust that the Lord will cause this to bear fruit in your lives. Amen.

Thought for the day: 

You can't claim to love the Lord, and embrace evil because  those who love the, Lord hate evil.

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