Choose Who to Serve: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th November, 2023

For the one who professes to be a Christian today, the thought in him is that he can still do the things he used to do. While he sees himself as a believer, there's this deception that he can still be involved in certain activities that are very much questionable for a believer to be involved in, and that makes you wonder if he was ever changed or not. Having conversed with some people who profess to be Christians, and having seen some talk, and act, I have come to believe that many so called Christians still serve two masters.

Choose Who to Serve: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th November, 2023

The Bible says if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature with old things being taken away, and all things becoming new, right? But the question is, does this verse of scripture really find expression in the life of many so called believers? Don't some who profess to be in Christ still blend old with new? Jesus speaking, said, one cannot put an old cloth on a new one, that's a recipe for disaster neither can one put new wine into old bottles, another recipe for disaster. You see, you just must let go of the old lifestyle completely so that the new can really find expression.

Today's study happens to be a very special study. However, I believe that the Lord wants to speak to the hearts of many professed Christians today. We shall be looking at a particular verse in the book of Matthew today, trusting the Lord to speak to our very hearts. The verse of scripture is seen below,

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon". (Matthew 6:24).

You have come across people who learn certain trades or skills from a person, right? Let's say tailoring for example, and you call such a person an apprentice, isn't it? Have you noticed that pending the time he has to learn from his boss, he concentrates on his boss alone. He would not say he is learning from his boss, and learning from someone else at the same time, and even if he did that, to effectively learn, he would have to leave one for the other. 

That's the same way it is with the believer. The words in the passage of scripture above are the very words of our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. And very clearly, he points out the fact that no man can serve two masters. You either leave one for one. You cannot say you are in, and out; you're here, and there at the same time. You are either in or out; and you're either here or there. If you are for the Lord, then stay completely on the Lord's side, and if you're not for him, make it plain that you're not.

The case however is that many want to have the Lord, and have the world when he says to come out from among them, and be separate. They want to pray in the Holy ghost, and attend night parties. Many believers feel with their gifts, they can sing for him in church, and sing for him in settings outside Church. There's no clear distinction as to where they truly belong. Many Christians today are serving two masters. It is either we are for the Lord or not. If we are, let's stay with him, and if we are not, let's make it known. We cannot claim to serve God while at the same time do things contrary to his nature. The Lord help us, and grant us sufficient understanding of this spiritual truth, and cause our hearts to align completely to him, serving him alone. Amen.

Thought for the day: 

You are either for God or not. There's no room for two. You cannot serve two masters.

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