Christian Living: The Light of Life

Light is beautiful and important. Its effects and functions are always relevant in any room. However, one can have the light and still live in darkness. This is because to have a ground knowledge about a thing, you must know how it is applicable or being used. Else, the knowledge you have is not solid or grounded enough. 

Christians Living as the Light of Life

To be more explicit, we will understand how Jesus is the Light of the world and how He has called us into His marvelous light. The moment you get a gleam of you are, you begin to act and think like one. A child who sees himself in a place as a slave knows that even without being told, there are boundaries he dare not cross. Immediately he realizes that he is not a slave but a prince, his perspective, approach and frame of mind towards things changes. He then begins to live freely as the son to a king knowing fully well that he has the right as a child and as a prince.

This is why it is established in the book of John 8:12 that the only criteria given in order to walk in the light of life and not darkness is when you follow the Light. Jesus who is the Light of the world, we as a Christian, must dwell in the Light always and follow Him dogmatically to avoid darkness. The moment the Light in you is not there, darkness will occupy the space instantly this is because the place which is your life cannot be left empty at any point in time. Once you entertain the vain things of the world, it depicts that you have invited the master of the world which is devil and he is always glad to grant your invite most especially if you are a back sliding, Christian.

Which means as a Christian you need to take cognizant of whom you entertain into your life every moment. Don’t be overwhelmed by the affairs of the world that you lose focus of the fact that you are a light wherever you find yourself. The switch from light to darkness and vice versa takes place within micro second. It is pertinent that you guard your heart jealously, all the issues of life come from there. Little wonder Jesus gave a clear instruction in Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Meaning, one of the ways to know a person who is in the Light is through his good works. Therefore, there are works that are bad and symbolizes that a person is in total darkness. The worst of it is a person who thinks he is in the Light or that the Light dwells in him but whereas, he is reflecting darkness. A good example in the scripture is Saul who was breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, he thought he was dwelling in the Light and he sees no wrong in what he was doing because he was blindfolded by the devil. The moment the Light of life shone around him, he understands so well that he has been in darkness all this while. Do not give room for the enemy to brain wash you into thinking there is nothing wrong in those bad habits you are exhibiting. The devil does not want man to get the bearing of his life so he can Lord his life. He wants man to move in a circle and that is what happens while in darkness, you think you are moving but you are circling because there is no lucidity in your movement.

If you don’t know the Light who is Christ, you are living in total darkness. You know what happens while walking in a dark place where there is no light? you can hit your head, and even dislocate your leg. This is applicable in the spiritual realm when the Light does not dwell in you, you will never figure your life well without the help of the Light. You cannot know or have the Light and still be confused. When Light is thrown into something, it brings clarity and orderliness.


 The Light is in you whether you are a believer or not. The difference is just that you are yet to activate the Light. You can be amidst people who walk and live in the Light, it does not mean you are in the Light automatically but that can help you to navigate the Light easily. It is like being in a place where there is power supply but the socket in your room is put off. It doesn’t mean there is no light, you will keep walking the room in darkness until you do the right thing by flipping on the socket in your room.

Embrace the Light and stop associating yourself with darkness, anyone in the dark is not easily seen. That is why a person in dark keeps doing the same thing and wonders why the attentions of people are not been drawn. It is because people cannot see what you are doing no matter how you do them well.

Give the Light a chance today by activating it, confess your sins. Do away with anything that put you back in darkness. When you are weak and weary, beckon on the Light of life. The Light is genuine, real, stable and never fails.

Embrace the Light today and give room for no darkness.




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