What You Have Been Commanded To Do: Gospel Today Devotional - 26th November, 2023

When you are in need, you can decide to go get what you need either by buying if that is the case or by seeking from a friend what it is you need. Glory to God. This equally means that you may end up not getting that particular thing, not because it is not available but because you didn't do what was required to get it.

What You Have Been Commanded to Do: Gospel Today Devotional - 26th November, 2023

If you visit a person, you may continue to stay at the entrance of the door, not because the person isn't around but because you probably didn't knock to know if the person is around or not. What if you misplace an item, you may assume that the item is lost because you didn't search or seek properly for it. These illustrations are quite simple, which means that they are certain things we must do to get the results we seek. In the kingdom of God, this is expected of us as well. Let's see the passage of scripture below,

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". (Matthew 7:7)

You see, it is not as though God doesn't know that we have needs but he still commands us to ask. He wants us to know certainly that we are not aliens but sons. We have the right to ask of him that which we need because he is our Father, and it is his responsibility to give us that which we ask of him provided we need them. Let me say it is not everything we ask that we are given because some of the things we pray for, we do not need them. Although we are to ask, he gives us what we need as he sees fit.

So, we do not say that because scripture tells us to ask and that we shall be given, we now begin to make unnecessary demands, not in light of scripture and totally outside his will for us. If we must ask, seek and knock and get the desired results, it must be in line with his will for us. If you ask, and you are not given, it doesn't mean God didn't hear you, the answer most probably wasn't given because according to his will, you may not need it, either at the time you are asking or ever at all ( 1 John 5:14, 15; James 4:3). This is the balance we should seek as believers.

However, if it is indeed in line with his will, he will give us when we ask of him.  He will open when we knock, and we will surely find when we seek. He ( God ) will not withhold any good thing from us ( Matthew 7:7-11). This is what we have been commanded to do. As a son would ask his earthly father, we are also to ask God what we need, seek him and all that he gives, and knock on heaven's door that it may be opened unto us, and just like no good father or even an evil one would deprive his children the things good for them, God who is faithful above all would also give us all good things. God bless his word in our hearts. Amen.

Daily Nugget: If your earthly father knows how to give you good things when you ask of him, how much more God, who is faithful above all?

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