Life and Death

“See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction” - Deuteronomy 30:15.

Life is a worthwhile existence while death is the cessation of life and associated processes. The reason why Jesus came to the world is for us to be born twice and die just once. To be born twice means first delivery from the mother’s womb and second birth in Christ through salvation. Those who have Christ, once born twice, become alive in Him forever but experience physical death only once. But anyone who refuses to acknowledge Christ as the one who came, died and resurrected and continue to live in sin has only been born once, through delivery from the womb. This person is liable to experience death twice, which means physical death as well as eternal death in hell.

In the book of Deuteronomy 30:19, God said, “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live”. This was to make us aware that there is life and there is death. Life in Him leads to prosperity while death opens door into destruction. But He did not end it until He advised us to choose life that we may live forever in Him with our descendants.

The year is ending and we are moving into a new year and season. God has placed before you life and death, which one do you want to choose? God wants you to choose life. God is life and whoever is in Him is automatically a new creature. Behold, old things have passed away, all things are new. How you lived this year might not be really pleasing to you, don’t you wish to invite life into your next journey? You might have lived a very pleasing life throughout the year and the Father is satisfied with you, don’t you wish to continue your journey with that life of Christ in you?

A life lived with the Life Himself is the only worthwhile existence. The devil has no gift to give except death and he knows how to lure people to his side, just to reward them with eternal death in the end.

Jesus is the way, the truth and life. And, one of the things He is very good at is making heavy burden so light that you won’t feel it till you no longer have it on you again. That remains one of the things God has for you in this coming season, only if you choose life.

Everything God created were created to be used and controlled by men. However, only those who choose life have complete authority to control them. You may have a lot of plans for this coming season, let the life Himself be the controller of that plan. When you do, you would command great things into existence both consciously and unconsciously.

Choosing life brings progress, favour, happiness, joy and unstoppable blessings for you and your descendants.

Assuming a bomb is placed in the cartons of a very beautiful shoe, and shining diamonds are wrapped with dry leaves (nobody knows what is inside), and everyone is told to pick only one (either shoe or dry leaf). A lot of people will surely rush to the shoes, they all want to have something as beautiful as that to themselves. Probably, few people will pick the other because they are so curious, they want to know what is inside the dry leaves. Definitely, those who do not mind having a bunch of dry leaves will enjoy and cherish what was wrapped in the leaves later while those who prefer what they could see presently and visibly will suffer the consequence of the bomb explosion later.

The above is just an illustration of how choosing life and death will look like. There is a way that is pleasing to man (a very beautiful road), but it leads to destruction. While there is a very narrow way, only few people take that path, only few are interested in pushing through that path till the end and awesomely, it leads to eternal happiness and joy.

Choosing life can feel like you are the only one on the road, deciding to follow the path of life can make you feel stupid sometimes for not doing what others are doing. But, it is the best decision to make. Although, the journey may not be as sweet as you imagined at first, but it is so promising when you follow the lead of the one who knows the path best.

The devil can entice you with a beautiful shoe, pray and think critically, there might be something so precious wrapped in the dry leaves for you. Only those who choose life can enjoy life.

The secret is that, devil does not have any other method than gifting out something so enticing and adding afflictions so that one would be forced to go for his choice. However, it is a lie! There is always a choice for you, even God gave two choices, life and death and He advised you to choose life. No one is without a choice. Choose life instead, there is joy at the end of the path.

There are gifts in choosing death too but remember that the devil will never give out his possessions for free, he will always take something huge in return.

In death is stagnation, depression, poverty, struggles, sickness, weariness and finally, physical death which without Christ will lead to eternal death (destruction).

Though, death was not invited by our generation, it was invited when our first father and mother were lured by the serpent. Jesus came to enable reconciliation between us and the Father by bringing life to us, so that when we experience physical death, we have an assurance of eternal life in Him. Also, we have an assurance of fulfillment on every side when we are yet on earth.

God has placed before you life and death, it is important to choose life as you journey through the next season so as to experience life indeed.


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