Are You Faithful?: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th February 2024

The scripture in the book of Matthew, and in the 25th chapter tells of a certain man who went away for a while only to return to see that which he had left behind. The scripture however recorded that before he left, he gave talents to his servants according to their several abilities. This implies that the servants did not all have the same ability, nor functioned equally. The Lord knows that which we can do, and equips us as he sees fit, not as we think, but as he wills.

Are You Faithful?: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th February 2024

Giving them the talents, he expected that they traded with it so as to make something of that which he gave them. Remember that the scripture says he gave unto them talents according to their several abilities, right? Meaning they were necessarily not meant to do the same thing, and also not expected to have the same results but that every man made use of that which he had been given. Let's not focus our attention on that which others are doing or what has been given to them, but as the Lord has given to us gifts, let us use them. Praise God!

There's something I would like you to see as we continue with this very important study. And I want to believe as well that many of you would have thought about it or even have questions in your heart about it. It is however my prayer for someone reading this today that the Lord would speak to you greatly, and cause you to see the light in his word. Amen. The passage of scripture under consideration today is seen below:

"Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents. For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath."(Matthew 25:29,30).

Of course, it is expected that assessment be done as to how the master's resource was used, don't you think? It happened that after the master came back, he requested that each of the servant gave an account of how he had used what he gave him, and they all did. While two of them had gained more talents with that which the master gave to them, the last person didn't even do anything with his. This is not just the case, he didn't do anything with it, and when questioned by his master, he was not even remorseful.

Still on the one who didn't do anything with what his master gave him, and there's something I want you to see in the verses of scripture above. The master said to take the one talent from the one who has the least, and to give it to the one who had the most talent. Why? He already had so much, why give him more? How could the master do such a thing? How could he have said everyone who has shall be given, and even he that does not have shall the taken away that which he has? It's unfair you may say, right?

Can I tell you why? It is because the master loves those who are faithful. The one who had much was faithful with the little he was given, and the principle stands, that he who is faithful in little things will be faithful also in much but reverse is the case for he who is not faithful. Can you now see the reason the one who has will be given more? Because he has been tested, and trusted. You seek for more, which of course is good, but are you faithful with the little you have been given? This is the secret to getting more from the Lord. Just as the master in the parable, God as well loves, and rewards faithfulness. The Lord help us to be faithful indeed. Amen.

Thought for the Day

God can only commit more into your hands if he finds you faithfully using the little he has given you.

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