Crucifix: The Grace Versus Disgrace

The gospel is not only for unbelievers, it also reenergises the believer.

God needs no introduction because He existed before the beginning (Genesis 1). Everything acid created is good.

Why did God create man

With the way angels were created, God couldn't build a strong relationship with them so He created man in His image. For a relationship to be possible, there must be the ability to choose.

If God makes everyone love him, it wouldn't be love - it will be coercion. He had to create a people who would have the power to choose Him as their lover, and respond to His advances towards them.

As much as God is loving, He is also just. In Genesis 3:8, man and his wife hid from God

Genesis 3:15 - the first declaration of the gospel. 

The law was given to stiff-necked people to make them come to the end of themselves. 

In the preaching of the Gospel is the message of salvation.

Ephesians 2:1-end

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