October 6: Today in Christian History

October 6: Today in Christian History

October 6, 1526

Nuremberg formally accepts Albrecht Durer’s gift of The Four Apostles, also known as The Four Holy Men.

October 6, 1528

Ursula of Munsterberg escapes her convent and becomes a Lutheran, writing a tract in support of her departure from the convent. “To say that the monastic vow is a second baptism and washes away sins, as we have heard from the pulpit, is blasphemy against God, as if the blood of Christ were not enough to wash away all sins.”

October 6, 1536

Tyndale is strangled and burned at Vilvoorde Castle (not far from Brussels) for his Protestant views and efforts to translate the Bible into English.

October 6, 1760

Death in Surinam of Moravian missionary Theophilus Solomon Schumann from a fever. He had been known as “the apostle of the Arawaks.”

October 6, 1818

Evangelist James "Diego" Thompson arrives in Argentina, where government officials, anxious to improve literacy, will hire him to teach using the Lancasterian method, in which second-year students teach first-year students, and third-year students teach second-year students, multiplying the reach of a single professional teacher. Thompson will use the New Testament as his primary text, bringing spiritual renewal.

October 6, 1861

Tai Ping rebels in Yantai, Shantung Province, China, murder missionary J. Landrum Holmes.

October 6, 1892

Death of British poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson, who had spoken of his Christian faith in his poems.

October 6, 1894

Death of Matthew Bridges, English clergyman and hymnwriter. Raised Anglican, he had joined the Roman Catholic Church under the influence of the Oxford Movement.

October 6, 1895

A New Holiness Group Foreshadowed the Nazarene Church 

October 6, 1911

Death in Lexington, Kentucky, of John William McGarvey, a preacher and educator with the Disciples, noted for careful work in his Bible commentaries.

October 6, 1919

Death of Baron Paul Nicolay, a frail, introspective French nobleman who evangelized students in Russia.

October 6, 1931

Iraida (birth name Ivanovna Kiprina), an Orthodox nun in Irkutsk, is sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for “conducting anti-Soviet agitation” and “maintaining links with exiled representatives of the clergy.”

October 6, 1935

Death of Ivan Prokhanov, a mighty Russian evangelist, who was president of the All Russian Union of Evangelical Christians.

October 6, 2001

Death of Samuel Ndhlovu, a pioneer church leader and man of God in Natal. Among his final words to his daughter were, “God is in control.”

October 6, 2006

Death in New York City of Leoncia Rosado Rosseau “Mama Leo,” a Puerto Rican Pentecostal evangelist, social activist, and founder of Damascus Christian Churches. She had been noted for her drug rehabilitation program.

October 6, 2010

Prem Singh Gurung is sentenced to three years in prison for showing Christian movies in two of Bhutan’s villages.

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