Poetry: Epa Domor (A Tribute to an African Father)

Baami oo
Strong and elegant
as the Iroko.
A firm shelter in a raging storm.

Ogbuefi 1

Who daily strives to put a roof on our heads.

Who daily defies the intense sun in order to fill our tables with
choicest delights

Who daily endures taunts and curses in getting money to send us to school.

Far above rubies, we treasure you
As you have taught us the value of honesty.
Rarely dishing out whippings which instilled the essence of a
disciplined lifestyle in us.

Daily reeling in words of wisdom to shapen our future.

A conduit of wealth, you turned us into.
Teaching us to never depend on anyone else for wealth

Drilling the consciousness of self worth into our little minds.

We forgive your absence papa.
For we now know of your noble intents.
Your inescapable toils to keep the family wheels going.

We now understand your unspoken gestures of love.
Those smiles that was plastered your face when we triumphed
And the doubled efforts you undertook to finance extra classes when we

Though you are very reserved,
We will trumpet
your goodness to the world.
Drawing the audience near with actions that portray the great principles
that you instilled in us.

Ultimately ensuring that your legacy never fades out.


The poet, Nkwuka kosi Chibuikem is a poet who goes by the pen name, Bashorun. He is a History graduate from the University of Benin, Edo state.

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