Wuraola (One Man, One Jewel)

He picks up his phone texting
Wuraola mi, Mi fuse, my muse and cruise
away from the island of bruise.

The tranquil refreshing water to my soul.
My Amazon, masterminding the defeat of loneliness and its accompanying minions.
Switching to his glo, he hollers at his historian other girlfriend

Chinasa nkem. Asa nwa. My world, my sword breaking the cord of loneliness.

My Helen, of whom I will destroy any Trojan stronghold to reclaim.

My Jerusalem, in whom I will gladly lead a crusade, fighting all
desert conditions and infidels to gain.

My place of refuge, in whom I, like a worthy Afonja Aare ona kakanfo,
will invade any Ilorin to occupy.
Now inputting the Airtel sim, he texts the third girlfriend, a doctor

Uduak Imaami,
My doc, my rock, docking my ship in the shores of luck.
The surgeon, who has stolen my heart for her keep.
With a stethoscope to my chest, you know my heart and provides my heart needs.
Egbon.. Hoolll up, hooolll up
Bashorun has a word for you.
Wuraola, Chinasa, Uduak,
Make a choice bros.
Enthrone her as your queen.
Treasure her as a ruby.
For she is a priceless jewel of inestimable worth.
Bear her burden with Patience,
For therein, you will unravel a love like never before.
Spend time and resources on her alone
For you will unearthen a gem like never before
A gem who will support you in all fronts.

Like the igbo man,
Spend on her appearance and intellect.
And she will transform into your dream lady.
Beauty to be beheld,
And a sounding fount of knowledge to be heard.

Like the Yoruba man,
Embellish her with love
Love, crafted in words and perfected in action.
Never raise your hands to hurt her.
For that hand withers/rot,
You do yourself a great harm and open the gates to the wrecker of homes

Beloved, one jewel for one man, one promised land (Israel) for every Jew,
one path to life (Jesus) for every one and ONE rib (woman) to complete
every man. Be faithful.

About Nkwuka kosi Chibuikem

The author, Nkwuka kosi Chibuikem is a poet who goes by the pen name #Bashorun. He is a History graduate from the University of Benin and currently writes from Benin city, Edo state.

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