A United Africa by Mbagu Valentine

A United Africa by Mbagu Valentine

Proclaim ye this naked prophesies to the running pregnant sea
That Africa will be the historic eyes from which all nations will see,
An Empire that will rise up to a fortified climax of supreme power;
Tell it to nations that Africa will stand tall as a mighty rising tower.

Though she rides through the storms of rough poisonous fields,
Still from her virgin breast will be sucked milk of democratic yields;
Her land will be the Eden tree from where all great rivers will flow,
A United Africa on whose fertile soil beacons of wealth will grow.

Africa will no more breed slaves nor be a color of discrimination
But a centre of honey for all bees to be attracted in open invitation,
Upon her civilization will be the bait for all nation's eyes to migrate,
The African culture will form standards for all countries to emulate.

United will be the States of Africa as she commands raw influence
And attain the throne of sovereignty and supreme core dominance:
For the seeds of Adam will desire to feed her
eyes than being told,
Then will the beauty of Africa rise above all nation's treasured gold.

The tale of a United Africa will be heard across the burning horizon,
Her Olive trees will yield much fruits than the cedars of Lebanon;
An Empress that'll pride herself in a fortified climax of core power,
Tell it to nations that United will be the sovereign States of Africa.

Mbagu Valentine(Vabec) is a Nigerian poet and writer. He's a Business Administration and Management student from the University of Nigeria,  Nsukka. Born in Onitsha, Anambra state, he is a native of Enugu state  in Nkanu West. Writing for him, is a way of purging out one's self; a  therapy to stand sane in a world where the concept of all has been lost.  He's a poet with the golden voice and a vision to transform the world. He has a passion that's geared towards illuminating the entire globe with mind blowing words that will transform, motivate and inspire all generations.

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