Life Took Her Neutons by Ismail Adeyomola Kazeem

Her skin was beautiful but
I never had the courage to look beneath it
Burrow to her dermis and
Peek through her arteries and
Stare at blood brightly coloured
re-enacting the joy she felt when she found love,
and I never could peek through her veins
Stare at blood dull and dark
holding memories of failed promises,
a broken heart and
the darkness that made her stumble upon reality.
Because if I went further into her,
I'd find Iron holding firm to globins
Just the way she holds on to life,
as societal tags pull her away.
And if i went further,
In her I'd find carbon-11 and carbon-10,
formed from the times life took from her
and never gave back.

Ismail A. Kazeem

*Isotopes are atoms of an element that differ in the number of
neutrons they possess.
*Carbon-12 is the main carbon in the human body.
*Carbon-10 and Carbon-11 are isotopes of carbon with fewer neutrons
than Carbon-12 and not normally found in nature (they are unstable).

About the writer
Ismail Adeyomola Kazeem is a Pharmacist and a writer from Osun state.
At night, his soul stands on the highest mountains resting yet
waiting to be found by hope, by day he makes efforts to find hope. His
poem titled trophy was amongst the top 12 entries in the ogidigbo
poetry prize 2016. Adeyomola fancies a Pro Evolution Soccer duel even
at the most awkward moments. He has an undying crush on technology
which is underlined by his love for physics and basically every form
of science that was considered magic in the past. One day, I will be

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