The Sun by Agu Gift

The sun, a bright beautiful gift given to man,
To light the way through the day,
Even as the night quickly came,
The sun beautifully fades.

The sun even as unruly as it is,
Interrupting the quiet times of lovers,
With its rays, it threatens their eyes,
And its brightness, their bodies.

The sun even as beautiful as it is,
Shines even on the bad,
To radiate its beauty on their evil,
A beauty without partiality.

The sun even as powerful as it is,
Forcing itself to shine even in the rain,
Slowly withdraws once its dusk,
Because even in its strength, it knows its time.

Agu Gift is a 19 year old writer and student from Abia State, Nigeria born to the family of Mr and Mrs Ikechukwu Rapheal Agu in 1998.

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