Biography of Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Samuel Adeyemi is a Gospel preacher and motivational speaker. He was born on the 3rd of February, 1967 in a village called Ndayako, close to Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria, where he spent the first 10years of his life. He hails from Odo-Ere, Yagba, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi got his Higher National Diploma (HND) at the Kwara State Polytechnic, after studying Civil Engineering. Years later, he decided to further his education. In 2008, he went to the University of Exeter where he studied Leadership Studies and graduated with MSc degree in 2011. Thereafter, he went to Regent University, Virginia, USA to obtain a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership in 2017. 

Sam Adeyemi is the president of the Success Power International, a NGO that specialises in organising leadership, financial and motivational seminars. He is also the president of the Daystar Leadership Academy for business owners and gospel ministers. Pastor Sam hosts Success Power, a popular TV and radio program aired within and outside Nigeria.

He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast growing, life changing church based in Lagos State which was inaugurated on the 18th of November, 1995 at the 4th floor of the Eko Chinese hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

He started as a Pastor at the Rhema Chapel alongside his younger brother, Victor Adeyemi. At Rhema Chapel, Pastor Sam served as Director of Pastoral Care and Minister in Charge before he was transferred to a branch in Lagos.

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Relocating to Lagos, Pastor Sam Adeyemi felt his ministry was stagnated. So in April 1994, he decided to go on a prayer and fasting program with his wife. His prayers were answered in July 1994, after he got a clear instruction from God to move to the next level of ministry, where he would be a teacher of biblical success principles. He would reach his audience via radio, television, tapes, publications and seminars. Also, he would establish a church that would help people discover and release their potentials. Sam Adeyemi got the vision for Success Power International and Daystar Christian Center on the same day.

Sam Adeyemi founded Success Power International in 1995 following his passion to help people realize their life purpose and succeed in their endeavours by providing them with the motivation they need in the race of life. Success Power also intends to raise and sustain the morale, strength and capability of the human spirit, in an economic and social environment that only challenges, and hinders the realization of even the brightest of potentials. Through Success Power, Sam Adeyemi imparts people with the knowledge they need to discover, develop, release and maximize their hidden potentials. Success Power reaches out to people through telecast, radio broadcast, seminars, audio, video materials, and books.

Pastor Adeyemi founded the Daystar Leadership Academy in January 2002 as a non-profit Leadership and Management Development School with the vision to raise exceptional leaders and managers that would transform the world. The Academy offers courses from Basic Certificated Course in Leadership, Weekend Leadership Certificate Course (Basic and Advanced), Executive Leadership course (Basic and Advanced) and Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers. Over 20,000 students have graduated from the academy since its inception.

Sam Adeyemi has authored several Books through his publishing house. Pneuma Publishing was registered as an information resource centre in 1995. Today, the company has grown into a publishing house, information resources management, and a distribution organization. They are ready to transform lives through the sharing of value-adding information and wealth creation for all its stakeholders. Some of his titles include: Wonders of Imagination, Think and Succeed, Success Is Who You Are, Start With What You Have, Success Guaranteed By The Blood Covenant, The Second Revolution, Sex Straight Talk, Nigeria of My Dream, The Super Achievers’ Breakfast, Ideas Rule the World, Lead: Proving Principles to Multiply your Success at Any Level, The Parable of Dollars: Proven Strategies for your Financial Success, Generation Z+, The Real Money, Multiply Your Success: LEAD and We Are The Government among others.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is happily married to Adenike Adeyemi, and they are blessed with three children.

Download Messages by Pastor Sam Adeyemi

You can download and listen to

  1. Ideas Rules The World
  2. Effective Planning
  3. Law Of Incubation
  4. Pursuit Of Success
  5. Real Money 1
  6. Real Money 2
  7. Real Money 3
  8. Real Money 4
  9. How To Create Wealth
  10. Only Believe
  11. Don’t Stay Small In Your Eye
  12. How Your Character Affects Your Relationship
  13. How To Have A Positive Self Esteem
  14. This Book Of The Law
  15. Practical Steps On How To Break Free From Poverty
  16. Direction For Success
  17. Organize Your Life
  18. Persistent Action
  19. Attitude Is Power
  20. Direction For Success 2
  21. Managing Your Funds
  22. Attitude Is A Choice
  23. Grace
  24. I Am More Than This
  25. Attitude Is Control
  26. This Book Of Law1
  27. Attitude Is Expectation
  28. Your Mouth And Your Success
  29. Meditation For Promotion
  30. Can Do Attitude
  31. Principle Centered Action
  32. Financial Freedom
  33. Starting A Business
  34. Breaking Free From Poverty
  35. Turning invisible Money Into Real Cash
  36. Success And The Covenant
  37. Upgrade Your Lifestyle
  38. Money Magnet
  39. Miracles Of The Mind
  40. Candidate For Grace
  41. Anointing For Territorial Victories
  42. Change Yourself, Change Your Marriage
  43. Blessed Indeed
  44. Battle Strategy
  45. Becoming A Person Of Influence
  46. Building Systems
  47. Developing New Ideas To Secure The Future
  48. Don’t Complain, Give God Praise
  49. Do You Want To Organize Or Agonize?
  50. Drop That Stone
  51. Evolution
  52. Excelling In Giving
  53. Faith And Finance
  54. Faith And Forgiveness
  55. Faith For Strategic
  56. Grace For Business
  57. God Will Make A Way
  58. How To Organize Your Life And Be Successful
  59. How To Reinvent Yourself
  60. Identifying Your Territories
  61. Lead With Vision 1
  62. Lead With Vision 2
  63. Lead With Vision 3
  64. Lead With Vision 4
  65. The Exemplary Leader
  66. Leadership Training
  67. Mending Broken Relationships
  68. Managing Stress
  69. Managing Your Funds
  70. Manifesting The Blessing Of The Land
  71. Building A Successful Marriage
  72. Nothing Sweeter Than Changing Lives
  73. On Eagle’s Flight 1
  74. On Eagle’s Flight 2
  75. On Eagle’s Flight 3
  76. The Staying Power
  77. Fulfilling Your Marital Destiny
  78. Resting Place
  79. Prayer As A Relationship With God
  80. Success Codes
  81. Humility, Pride Check
  82. The Danger Of Procrastination
  83. In Jesus Is The Answer
  84. Wealth Consciousness 1
  85. Wealth Consciousness 2
  86. Planning, A Vital Key To Winning
  87. Exercising The Power Of Vision
  88. Praying In The Spirit
  89. Recognizing The Right Mate
  90. Resting In God
  91. Your Seed Key To Your Unlimited Opportunities
  92. Your Seed Key To Your Unlimited Possibilities 2
  93. Capacity For My Opportunity
  94. Relationship And Character
  95. Building Capacity
  96. Fervent Prayers
  97. Success Secret – Information And Decision
  98. Success Secret – Vision
  99. Being Led by The Spirit
  100. Opportunity
  101. Pray Until Something Happens
  102. Starting Your Own Business
  103. Who Should I Marry?
  104. The Power Of Dream
  105. Say Thank You
  106. Strategic Action
  107. Financial Freedom
  108. First Among Your Equal
  109. I Cannot Be Refused
  110. First Things First
  111. Grace
  112. The Making Of A Champion
  113. Power Of Ideas
  114. Interactive Session
  115. Encourage Yourself
  116. Pursuit Of Success
  117. How To Apply Your Faith To Your Finance
  118. S*xuality And Shame
  119. Soar Eagles Winds
  120. Steps To Organize Your Life
  121. Stewardship
  122. Success Power 1
  123. Success Power 2
  124. The Ability To Dream
  125. Think Like A CEO
  126. Taking Territories By Faith 1
  127. Taking Territories By Faith 2
  128. The Father’s Blessing
  129. The Spending Plan
  130. The Ultimate Promise KeeperThe Secret Of A Blessed Man
  131. Thriving In Crisis
  132. Thought And Character
  133. Accepting Your Spouse
  134. How To Have What You Want With What You Have
  135. Set Yourself Up For Financial Breakthrough Part 1
  136. Set Yourself Up For Financial Breakthrough Part 2
  137. Leveraging On Divine Favour
  138. Laws Of Marriage
  139. A New Class Of Men Part 1
  140. A New Class Of Men Part 2
  141. Character Revolution
  142. Financial Rest Part 2
  143. Financial Success Part 1a
  144. Financial Success Part 1b
  145. Financial Freedom
  146. Passing The Test Of God
  147. Starting Your Business
  148. Success Formula – Information
  149. Success Formula – Meditation
  150. Temperament And Character
  151. The Kingdom Plan
  152. Thoughts And Character
  153. Transformation Of Character
  154. Turning Invisible Money Into Cash
  155. Who Should I Marry?

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, X and Tiktok

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