The Danger of Murmuring Against God

Danger of murmuring against God

In Exodus 16:1-8, we see that God is not a God of murmurs. He does not delight in murmuring.

Murmuring is a danger. It is an inner complaint and the expression of one's pain in the wrong way. Everytime an individual murmurs or complains, there are always consequences.

Another instance of murmuring in the Bible is found in Acts 6:1-4 (Further Bible reading - 1st Corinthians 10:9-10, Job 36:11, Luke 9:23-27, Mark 9:23, Mark 11:24, Matthew 11:28-29, Matthew 7:7, Matthew 21:22)

Every act of murmuring has its own judgement and punishment. There is always a consequence for murmuring. Murmuring brings God's anger and judgement. It brings sorrow of the mind and takes away the presence of God from one's life. Murmuring gives room for affliction, promotes demotion and can lead to death.

Murmuring silences the God given faith in man. It kills grace and anointing. It also gives rise to evil thoughts and evil profession.

Delays and disappointment could come for some things we ask from God, but it is not enough reason to murmur (Matthew 11:28-29). God has made promises for as many that want to walk with Him. He is going to fulfil it at the appointed time. This is why you have no reason to complain or murmur. As a believer, you must get closer to God in prayer and study instead of murmuring.

Why do people murmur?

1. Disappointment - Job 5:12

2. Fear - Deuteronomy 3:2, Psalm 27:1, Job 10:11-12


From scriptures and by experience, only ungrateful souls murmur. In Psalm 139:13-14, we read about reasons why we should always praise and hold on to God instead of murmuring against Him. 

Prayer Points

1. My father in this year, I refuse to murmur in the name of Jesus.

2. As from today, I overcome fear in the name of Jesus.

3. Lord forgive me in any way I have murmured against you.

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