God wants to send you Letters

It sounds funny to say that God wants to send you letters. But it's the whole truth.

God is sitting at a desk, holding a pen and a piece of paper. He's looking at His palm where He has an engraved picture of you. And then he begins to write.  He wants to take you by the hand and lead you on a journey to self realisation. He is doing this by showing you a new dimension of possibilities as a result of your identity in Him.

This is why He chose to write letters to you. In the past, a letter was a deep and strong medium of communication. They may seem old fashioned today, but then letters are still a strong move to communicate intense love and intimacy between two people.

God wants to tell you of the many things you are to Him. He wants to talk about Love, You and Him. He wants to tell you of His jealousy and show how much He cares. God wants to show you His many wonders and tell you of His pride. He also wants to share His love and hear your burdens by giving you a shoulder to cry on and arms to lift you. God wants to tell you much more than these.

You can only access His letters if you are willing to hear from Him. And yes, God wants to read your replies too. After every letter, He will be waiting to read your response.

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