Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

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It may sound dumb or ignorant to ask, “How do I pray?”. Far from it, many people in their quest to finding God ask questions like this. The sad truth is that you can also attend church yet never feel connected to God or Christianity. The devil can try to make you to never consider yourself a Christian or to feel undeserving of calling myself that. In this situation, many basic activities such as praying and studying the word as a Christian may seem impossible or not worthwhile. People in this category can also ask the question “How do I pray?” in self-discovery.


In reality, many pray wrongly or in many cases do not pray effectively. There's no instruction manual or rules on "how to pray", but there is a template for a good prayer in the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:7-15 (the Lord's Prayer).


1. The strength of your prayers are not determined by length.

It is true that whenever you are going through a really hard time and feel so lost, alone, and hopeless, you should seek God who knows all things. It is usually a slow start but you will definitely find God. In some cases, you may begin to cry without even knowing why. When this happens, one thing to know is try not to make your single prayers too long. God knows what you want before you ask. Make them nice and simple, and keep faith.

2. Pray like you’re talking to a friend!

There is no need for great fanfare. God is so happy just to hear your voice. You are known and loved. Pray whatever way feels right to you. He will hear you.

3. Read the Bible. 

Read the Bible and pray to God (an honest prayer of what you think). He will guide you. When you read the bible, try to test your thinking. Try to look at the world, and ask yourself if it rings true (it definitely does) The Bible is a real strong foundation that should align with what you know is right by your conscience (although not in all cases). Read that Bible from cover to cover and Share the Bible with your family too.

4. Build a Private, Quiet Time

You may take a private time and just say the things you think/say to God. In prayer, know that you are loved, and there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from that love once you discover the Presence. Feeling alone or unlovable is common, but wrong. You can read the Gospel of John? It's often called the love Gospel because it really emphasizes Jesus's profound love for us, his little lambs.


5. Prayer doesn't have to be fancy and "religious"-sounding.

You're entering into a love bond, not a religion. Simply ask God to reveal himself to you. Talk to him as you would a friend over coffee, just like you talked to us in your post. He already knows what you need, but he wants to hear from you. Ask him to open your heart and guide your understanding before you read. Tell him how much you want to know him. He will answer you.
He promises that "you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you. (Jeremiah 29:12-14)
I have loved you with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. (Jeremiah 31:3)
Your reading this blog was not random. God called you and you have responded. There are no coincidences with him.

6. Remember God’s Words

You can compile a list of favourite verses from scriptures that confirms God's words for you. There are verses and promises of scripture such as “My Child... You may not know me, but I know everything about you. (Psalm 139:1). I know when you sit down and when you rise up. (Psalm 139:2). I am familiar with all your ways (Psalm 139:3) and even the very hairs on your head are numbered. (Matthew 10:29-31). You were made in my image (Genesis 1:27) and in me you live and move and have your being (Acts 17:28). You are my offspring (Acts 17:28). I knew you even before you were conceived. (Jeremiah 1:4-5). I also  chose you when I planned creation (Ephesians 1:11-12)

You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book (Psalm 139:15-16). I determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live (Acts 17:26). You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I knit you together in your mother's womb (Psalm 139:13) and brought you forth on the day you were born (Psalm 71:6). I have been misrepresented by those who don't know me. (John 8:41-44). I am not distant and angry, but I'm the complete expression of love (1 John 4:16) and it is my desire to lavish my love on you (1 John 3:1) simply because you are my child and I am your Father (1 John 3:1).

I offer you more than your earthly father ever could (Matthew 7:11) for I am the perfect father (Matthew 5:48). Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand (James 1:17)

For I am your provider and I meet all your needs. (Matthew 6:31-33)
My plan for your future has always been filled with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)
Because I love you with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)
My thoughts toward you are countless as the sand on the seashore. (Psalm 139:17-18)
And I rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)
I will never stop doing good to you. (Jeremiah 32:40)
For you are my treasured possession. (Exodus 19:5)
I desire to establish you with all my heart and all my soul. (Jeremiah 32:41)

And I want to show you great and marvelous things. (Jeremiah 33:3)
If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. (Deuteronomy 4:29)
Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)
For it is I who gave you those desires. (Philippians 2:13)
I am able to do more for you than you could possibly imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)
For I am your greatest encourager. (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)
I am also the Father who comforts you in all your troubles. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
When you are brokenhearted, I am close to you. (Psalm 34:18)
As a shepherd carries a lamb, I have carried you close to my heart. (Isaiah 40:11)
One day I will wipe away every tear from your eyes. (Revelation 21:3-4)
And I'll take away all the pain you have suffered on this earth. (Revelation 21:3-4)

I am your Father, and I love you even as I love my Son, Jesus. (John 17:23)
For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed. (John 17:26)
He is the exact representation of my being. (Hebrews 1:3)
He came to demonstrate that I am for you, not against you. (Romans 8:31)
And to tell you that I am not counting your sins. (2 Corinthians 5:18-19)
Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled. (2 Corinthians 5:18-19)
His death was the ultimate expression of my love for you. (1 John 4:10)
I gave up everything I loved that I might gain your love. (Romans 8:31-32)
If you receive the gift of my Son Jesus, you receive me. (1 John 2:23)
And nothing will ever separate you from my love again. (Romans 8:38-39)
Come home and I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen. (Luke 15:7)
I have always been Father, and will always be Father. (Ephesians 3:14-15)
My question is…Will you be my child? (John 1:12-13)
I am waiting for you. (Luke 15:11-32)

Keep reading that bible. The gospels are a good place to start as they tell the story of Jesus. I recommend the book of John. As others have said, be praying. Prayer is just conversation with God. Tell him how your day was, what you’re struggling with, what you need. Thank him for the good things he’s done in your life. Find somewhere quiet and private, I know many like to pray in their head, but I find it really beneficial to find somewhere to pray aloud. Find yourself a church you can connect to, we all need support and companionship as we grow and learn. Depending on where you are in the world, it may be better to do this online or in person depending on the covid situation near you. God bless and welcome to the family.
Thank you so much. I have tears in my eyes reading your response. You’ve helped me see things a bit clearer :)

If you're tech-savvy or looking for a way to read your Bible and grow closer to God throughout your day when you may have some down time but aren't around your Bible, there is an app called YouVersion. You can read daily devotionals about anything and everything, and they have a ton of plans for new believers. They have plans and special verses for any kind of mood or day you're having. So happy to see another person has joined us in Christianity!
Bible App Here is such a convenient Bible app for on the go, my fav! So many plans to read, as well as options to highlight and save chapters and verses, and set notifications for a bible verse each day :)
But I am glad you were called upon, you didn’t cry for no reason, you felt the presence of God and I’m excited and proud you have decided to continue this journey with God. We are not all perfect, but regardless we are loved. Remember you are loved! Always turn to God in whatever way you can, such a scripture and prayer. Pray like he is your best friend, tell him everything and trust him.
One prayer I personally love to look at is Psalms 86:1-17
“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭NLT‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Prayer will be the best thing to help you find him, but if you want scripture, I would start with Mark, it was the first gospel that I could read and actually understand, after that Proverbs is super important, you can go through the whole thing 12 times a year if you read a chapter a day, and it really helped me see my sin, and that I needed someone to remove the burden from me.
Keep going!

”Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened. Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” - God

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