3 Lessons from the Life of Aaron

Aaron was not just Moses' brother or a random prophet. He was a standing and ranking man among the people of Israel. When a new leadership was needed in Israel, God ordered an elder from each of the twelve tribes to bring a wooden staff with his name on it, and leave it overnight in the tabernacle. According to Numbers 17:5, the Bible says God then said, "it shall be that the rod of the man whom I choose will blossom". The very next morning, Aaron's rod sprouted and produced blossoms.

1. Your Past or Perfection does not Matter

First lesson from this is that God does not always pick His leaders because they are prepared or perfect. Aaron in the past had made a golden calf for the people of Israel to worship and in defence, he had said that the cow just walked out of the fire all by itself (Exodus 32:21-24). At the same time, himself and his sister, Miriam had talked against their brother and God's prophet, Moses (Numbers 12:1). If you were God, you definitely wouldn't pick someone like Aaron because of the stain on his integrity. However, God sees beyond the physical and is concerned with the qualities that can help in fulfiling His purpose. This is one reason why many times when leaders disappoint you, you should understand that they are human and have their frailties or that they are working under some influence outside God.

2. Value the Presence of God

Another lesson from the life of Aaron is that his rod only blossomed in the presence of God. Certain things only happen in the presence of God. In Aaron's case, a walking stick came to life in the tabernacle of meeting... Where I meet with you (Numbers 17:4). The presence of God is not necessarily a physical location as we have discussed in this article here, talking about the presence of God. This is why we have to rearrange our priorities as believers and schedule set times to meet with God each day, keeping in mind to be committed until we practically carry the oresence of God everywhere we go.

3. The Night Time is Important

Aaron's rod only grew flowers after the night had passed. The Bible says that sorrow may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. At the same time, in Genesis 1, we read that there was the evening (first) before the morning and then the first day was counted. In the principle of the timelessness and agelessness of God, the morning never comes without the evening. If you observe, God starts every day with a night time experience and that's why you greet "Good morning" by 12:00am. In the same manner, plants also grow and make tangible progress at night. Now, like Aaron, your faith has to blossom but it must first be incubated in the dark and secret place. Real faith only germinates in adversity and unrest and if you try to skip the night process, you lose the opportunity to move into higher realms of faith.

Like every other Bible character, Aaron's life teaches believers today certain timeless principles that can help in navigating through life. As lessons that should not be discarded, it is necessary for every kingdom minded individual to take these lessons to heart.

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