Book Review: 5 Lessons from Good Morning Holy Spirit by Pastor Benny Hinn

Different things and different events give us different encounters. Some the same, some not. We all learn from different sources and reading books can be one of them. Different books hold their unique knowledge in them and this knowledge is provided in books so that we can learn and be transformed in the various parts of our life. A book like Good Morning Holy Spirit by Pastor Benny Hinn is a timeless book that provides an unending fountain of knowledge. It can draw anyone back to their core- God.
Here are 5 life-transforming tips gotten from the book. Having these tips at the back end of your mind will give you a renewed interest in the person of the Holy Spirit and the Godhead.

1. The Holy Spirit is like a child, so gentle and loving, always ready to fellowship with you. 

All you need to do is to invite Him and He will be with you. Just like a child that He is, grief Him and He withdraws.

2. He provides a better and deeper understanding of the Godhead

In the Old Testament, the people spoke directly to God the Father. In the new testament, the people had the grace to communicate with the Son of God- Jesus Christ. When Jesus was leaving the world back to his father he promised to send the Holy Spirit- The Comforter, the one who is to remind us of the things that He taught. It is by this grace that we get to grow in the right knowledge of who we are in Christ Jesus- A New Creation. He is with us, not to glorify himself but to teach us more about God the Father and God the Son.

3. God's presence transforms our being

No one that has the Holy Spirit inside him will act as in the past. The Holy Spirit transforms us from inside out and makes us into new men. He feeds us and fills us with great things that our life begins to radiate the Light of God.

4. God is never far away 

There are times that we stray away from the ways of truth and light. We find ourselves wandering in the valley of sins and when we finally come to be aware of our being, we feel the prick and shame that comes from turning away from the things of God. One lasting thing with the Holy Spirit is that even when we stray He is never far away, all that is needed in times like that is a heart of repentance and an invitation that He comes back into your existence and make you whole again and one with Christ.
5. The Holy Spirit is God. 
The book also reminds us of the person of the Holy Spirit as God and not just the third person of the Godhead. We sometimes forget that the Holy Spirit is God and we tend to ignore Him. He is our helper, our comforter, the Spirit of God, he is the power of God, he is our God. Let us always remember to worship and praise Him at all times too.

A lot more tips are embedded in this timeless book that cannot be exhausted now. In weeks to come, some other interesting things about the Holy Spirit would be discussed here at The New Man.
Do well to check in for more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this write-up, Lolonyo. Reading reviews help us understand a book from another person's perspective.

    I have not read the book, maybe I'll read it soon. However, my takeaway from this review is bullet point four. It resonates with everyone irrespective of religious affiliations. Even in our darkest time, when we're deeply enmeshed in sins and our iniquities undoubtedly too much, God is always around and close to us. He shines His light as a precursor to salvation, if only we have the grace and the mind that deciphers to oblige Him.

    May every wandering soul find peace and divine guidance to the path of God, soon.

    Thank you.

  2. I really needed to read this


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