How to Plan a Personal Retreat

How to Plan a Personal Retreat in Nigeria

At a point in your life, you might feel the need to get clarity about a particular situation and going for a Christian prayer retreat in Nigeria is one of the ways to get direction from God. A retreat is a beautiful way to take care of oneself because it usually brings a sense of relief from mental, emotional and physical stress. Many times, our minds undertake multiple processes while working so a moment of rest and reflection is not asking too much. A prayer retreat is thus best described as a season of positioning that helps set the life of a believer towards the next course and assignment for him. 
Prayer retreats are usually held at an isolated camp centres or locations where a Christian can go to have quiet time to pray and study the word of God. These prayer camps are religious establishments where people, either youths or old, go to engage in spiritual exercises for their personal and collective growth of the body of Christ. The solitary nature of many prayer camps in Nigeria as well as across the world enables you to clear your mind from the hassles of everyday life. Aside from that, as a believer, you will need time alone With God to rekindle your fire and zeal for the Christian race

A prayer retreat or camp is to a religious person what hospitals are to a sick person. People go to Christian prayer camps or retreats grounds for many spiritual reasons and there are various prayer camps in Nigeria. Truly built men in the realm of the spirit are spiritual men and they are men of the wilderness. As such, a prayer retreat period is a time when you can tarry in Jerusalem and literally stay in the wilderness until you are colonized with power for exploits.

How to Maximize Christian Prayer Camp or Retreat

Choose Place; Time For the Prayer Camp or retreat

Now,  if you are going for a prayer retreat center in one of the camps in Lagos Abuja or any other part of Nigeria the first thing you must do is pick a particular location and time.

This is especially important for those who have a full-time job; you might decide to go for a prayer retreat centre or camp during your annual leave casual leave or even during a public holiday.

It is important to look at your calendar and pick the most convenient where you can have your retreat in any of the prayer time in Nigeria.

In this article here (link), we shared a list of Christian prayer camps centres or retreats centres across Nigeria where you can hold your prayer retreat once you have picked a convenient date for yourself.

Have a reason

Having selected a particular time for your prayer camp or retreat, the next thing you should have a mind is why am I going for this prayer retreat?

This is important as it will guide you in your activities while in the prayer camp.

Is it clarity about your assignment in life?  Are you asking God for specific directions in your academics; in your marriage; in your relationship or in your job?

Your reason for heading to a prayer camp to have a retreat with God will not be the same as that of every other person.

In fact, it is like the Biblical saying that as our faces are different so also our problems are different.

Know what you want and why you are going to any Nigerian Christian prayer retreat camp to seek the face of God this will enable you to not just give a sense of direction but help you in measuring if you have gotten the answer to your heart desires for going camping or prayer retreat.

Prepare well; take all you need

You must prepare adequately before heading out for a prayer retreat in any of the camps in Lagos Abuja or other parts of Nigeria.

Ensure you have clothes, books; your Bible and other essentials before going for a prayer retreat


Remove distractions

It is equally essential to avoid every form of destruction why you are undergoing your prayer retreat.   You can enter the prayer come with your mobile device laptop or any other electronic devices.  However, ensured that these gadgets do not begin to distract you from why you came to the prayer camp.

In fact, some people keep their mobile devices at home before heading for the prayer camp to avoid distraction

What activities can you do at a Prayer Retreat?

What are some of the things that you can do in a Christian prayer camp near you? When you are undergoing a prayer retreat, what can you do at that point in time?


This is one of the primary things you can do at prayer camps in Nigeria.  In fact, that is why it is even called a prayer retreat.  The solitary nature of prayer camps in Lagos and every other area in Nigeria offer ample time to seek the face of God through prayers
Singing and dancing

You can also sing and dance in thanksgiving to God during a prayer retreat.  The Bible tells us to enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into his court with praise.  Use the opportunity in a prayer camp to sing and dance to God as you undergo your retreat
Read and Study the Word

Interestingly, studying the word of God has never been more stimulating than doing so while in prayer retreat.
Prayer Walk

Most prayer camps in Nigeria have a large landmass which offers you the opportunity to take a walk. You can join other believers who are also in camp to take a prayer walk.  You will not just be praying but at the same time, you are also exercising.

Study Christian literature

You can also study several Christian pieces of literature while at a prayer retreat. It could be books or pamphlets that you did not have enough time to study before coming to the retreat ground.

Having discussed how you can effectively maximize your prayer retreat, you may check out our article here on the comprehensive list of various prayer retreat locations and camps in Osun, Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria. We have also compiled a review list of some prayer mountains, popularly known as Ori Oke in the Yoruba extraction of Nigeria, especially those in Osun state and Ibadan among others. These places are great for holding prayer retreat either as a person or as a group. We regularly update this list so that you have multiple options to choose from for your retreat. You can reach us here to add a retreat location or suggest a review on any prayer retreat camp you find helpful.

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