SavedByNails: I used to Think Falling Under the Anointing was Fake

It was a rainy Saturday morning. I was invited for a particular church program. Although I was born in a Christian home, we really didn't stay much in it. At the time, we hardly went to church except for Christmas and the New Year celebration.

That morning, I reluctantly went to the church I was invited to. I saw that there was a long list of guest ministers to officiate the program. This made me feel tired almost immediately but then, I decided to wait till the end because of the food promised to be shared at the end of the event (lol🤣🤣).


The speakers came up one after the other and I was totally bored. Then, the last speaker came up. He was a very young pastor in a jean trouser and shirt. He had a punk hairstyle and according to how I was raised, I assumed and concluded in my heart that this man was definitely a fake man of God.

At that point, I lost all interest in listening to him. I picked up my phone to get busy, but somehow the pastor started to talk about how much Jesus loves you. He spoke about how much Jesus wants to be a part of your life and how He sent the Holy Spirit to come to the believer. He further asked that anyone who wished to be filled with the Holy Ghost should come forward. I come from a background where my dad used to tell us at home that people falling under the anointing or the power of the Holyghost was fake, so I went out with the burning conviction to prove to everyone that this man was absolutely fake!

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I got to the front of the altar with about twenty other people. The pastor then asked us to close our eyes and start praying. He assured us that the Holy Ghost will descend upon us. I sneered in my heart and refused to close my eyes. The man then started walking in circles around us all and laying hands on everybody. I saw him approach me and the last thing I knew was that something like a ball of fire threw me back. I didn't know how long I was there but while under the power of the Holyghost, a special kind of love I have never felt all my life swept over me. On the spot, I cried publicly for the first time ever. I recall that even back in school, anytime we were beaten, I never cried. So, it came as a surprise and a relief for me. I felt totally different after regaining my consciousness.

Ever since my encounter, I have always held onto this love of God, and never letting it go. At some point, my dad faced me and my siblings, saying that we were possessed and behaving like fanatics. But then, the love for the cross keeps increasing daily. This is my salvation story.



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