The Power of the Altar of Sacrifice

A sacrifice is simply the exchange of costly value for value. It is a kind of transaction that involves deep seated thoughts and meditation because everything has a price, but sacrifice is one of the greatest prices to ever pay.

The Power of the Altar of Sacrifice

One nature of sacrifices is that it is never a once and for all thing. A Sacrifice is Once and Again and Again and Again.

The altar of sacrifice is powerful because God specifically respects and regard for the Altar of Sacrifice – Proverbs 22:7. God does not have any need and your sacrifice to God is not necessarily a payment in exchange for something. Instead, by sacrifice, God only shows you what to do to be part of the channels to receive His blessings.

Also, if the end time church must reign, she must come into supernatural wealth. Sacrifice is one major thing that can bring this supernatural wealth to fruition. Another is the fact that the bigger your kingdom dream is, the larger your prosperity coast. This is because for every believer who has prospered financially, the covenant journey begins where you are not where you are going. –Genesis 13:14. God's word instructs us to "honour the Lord with your substance (not your leftover or change from your random purchase). Without a heart for God’s kingdom, you can not be a candidate for exponential wealth (Haggai 1:1-11, Psalm 50:6). If your purpose is to amass wealth, you are not a candidate for end time wealth. Your purpose must be to advance the kingdom of God.


What does the altar of sacrifice offer?

The first altar of sacrifice was in Genesis 8:20

  • Sacrifice is a curse breaker
  • Sacrifice entitles you to a sworn blessing (Genesis 22:12-18)
  • It secures posterity (Genesis 22:18)
  • It averts plagues - 2nd Samuel 24:24, Malachi 1:6-8
  • It offers divine protection (Psalm 20:1-4)
  • It offers supernatural fruitfulness (Genesis 18:8, 2nd Kings 4:13)
  • It gives access to divine secrets and ideas. Every empire is built on ideas and divine idea is better than anything else). Abraham created the first cattle ranch. Isaac invented the first irrigation system (Genesis 26). It makes a man stronger than a nation. The altar of sacrifice is absolutely for your benefit. Take advantage of it. (John 8:38) Job became the business mogul, greater than all by divine secret.
  • The wisest man in Bible history – Solomon was a product of sacrifice (1st Kings 3:13; 4:1-end, 1st Kings 4:30)
  • The altar of sacrifice offers divine health (Psalm 41:3, 2nd Timothy 3:16)

John 10:37, Matthew 21:12, Deuteronomy 15:6, Psalm 50:5-6, Philippians 4:19, 2nd Corinthians 9:7, Deuteronomy 16:17, Exodus 3:14
What is on the Altar of Sacrifice? – Psalm 126:1-6
⦁    Apostles are custodians of Kingdom Mystery.
⦁    Anything God Confirms is His word

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