A Mess out of a Miracle: A Saved By Nails Conversation with Obioma Adetola

In this part of the world where we come from, the system is designed in a way that you spend your life trying to live or survive and then die without living. It takes only courage to live life to the fullest, plus a reliance on some favctor which most times, is religion. When I got to truly know God, I gradually learnt that religion is not a relationship and this reminds me of my past.

There is always the mess and then, there is a miracle. So when God mentioned that Adetola and myself would do this, I wondered why He had to allow us work in that line. We both had a fair share of our pasts and we are sharing that with you here.

Adetola shared her story concerning how God delivered her from lesbianism and drugs, bringing her into his light. In this session you will also find answers to your questions as regards adoption into God's family - a process which should not make you feel lesser in anyway because you are original. We learn that the fear that comes in the heart of a man is planted by the devil who earnestly seeks to promote his will by making you think that you were merely "adopted" and not bonafide.

Here are a few points to note from this conversation with Obioma Adetola

  • We give more power to the devil than he actually has.
  • The devil is so limited and he continually tries to reach believers because faith and grace is still a mystery to him
  • There is little the devil knows about the relationship between you and God. He only tries his guess work and that is why scriptures says he comes in an appearance, seeming like an angel
  • Righteousness is not by performance. It is a gift. If it is God's grace, you truly cannot merit it.
  • Your job as a believer is to receive the gift of non-condemnation
  • Until you see salvation as a gift, you will continue in the vicious circle of sin.

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A Mess out of a Miracle: A Saved By Nails Conversation with Obioma Adetola

Adetola Obioma is a minister of the Gospel of Christ and a Law graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University. She hosts the Talk with Tola Show, on Yes Media Radio where she points her listeners to the love of God and reveals the person of of Jesus in her teachings. Adetola has spoken on different platforms on the love of God which is expressed in Christ. During her free time, she loves talking basketball and business.

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