Keep Thy Heart: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th August, 2022

Gospel Today is a comforting, exhorting, edifying and inspiring devotional published by the Delightsome Land Christian Ministry.

When little children are given money by a stranger who comes to visit the home for example, you find out that many a times, they keep the money in a place they believe no one would ever go to. They make sure that the money is carefully kept since they do not want anyone to take that which belongs to them especially when they notice over time that giving the money to their parent has in no way profited them. They would now prefer to keep it themselves and diligently too. You also did this, didn't you?

Right before banks were introduced, can we recall how men saved money? They dug holes, right? This was how they kept securely that which was theirs or should I say diligently what was theirs. The holes became their banks, and all transactions ( withdrawal, transfer and deposit) were from there. The essence of this is to point our attention to the fact that things must not just be kept but must be kept diligently; making sure that no harm comes to that which we really place so much value on, isn't it? It is an admonition to everyone that what matters to you should be kept with all diligence.

It is true than men kept diligently that which was theirs with regards to money and all, but is that really all there's to be kept with diligence? Should we just focus on material possessions alone? How about that which matters most to us as believers; our hearts? Shouldn't it be kept with diligence as well? This is that which today's lesson is about; how that we need to keep our hearts with all diligence, and the reason for that, we shall see in the passage of scripture below,

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." (Proverbs 4:23)

Many of the things that happen today in the home, amongst colleagues at work, in the community, in our nation did not just happen. They had taken place in the heart right before it was manifested. The heart first of all had to conceive those thoughts. Actions are not just birthed except they have been premeditated upon, and the centre of premeditation is the heart. That which you see happen is only to tell you that this thing happened a long time ago, where? In the heart. It is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks; it is what is in the heart that is expressed. Actions birthed are thought first conceived in the heart.

Now you see why the scripture instructs to keep thy heart, right? Because out of it proceed the issues of life. This means that the very things that be that pose serious problems today came because the heart was not kept diligently. It is not just enough to keep your heart, the scripture says it must be kept with what? All diligence. You must be intentional about it, it must be deliberately kept. You must see to it that nothing is allowed to stay in your heart when it contradicts the nature of God at work in you.  It says to you in other words that you must watch to keep your heart with all seriousness. You're to take note of every thought whether they be of God or not, always seek to caution your heart from thinking that which is not; out of the heart comes the things that defile. Keep your heart diligently is the instruction.

No one will do that for you, dear believer. The scripture instructs that 'you' (not your brother, not me, not your mum, your spouse) should keep 'your'(not that of another person) with all diligence (seriousness). It is something you are to do, and that by the help of God so that no thought not of God can dwell therein. And if at all your heart must think, let it think on the things recorded in Philippians 4:8 (open to read). Do keep your heart, and that, with all diligence. This is that which you have been instructed to do. The Lord help us in Jesus' name. Amen.


Thought for the day: 

Dear believer, it is not just enough to keep your heart but to keep it with all diligence such that any thought not of God would find no dwelling place in it.

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