The Simple Story that Changed My Life

I can remember vividly how it happened, although it has been a very long time last part of 2014, September, but I can still get the clear picture of it in my head.

It was on a Friday vigil. I had little or no interest to go, but my mom had to push me to go, so I went, I was at the back of the church feeling reluctant to join the service, but kept telling me to move to the front so I did.

The pastor then was telling a story about an incidence that happened. He talked about how…“ some medical doctors (MSc holder’s, PhD holders, professors etc) they were on a plane returning from a trip, when the plain crashed and all of them died” He said that none of them knew they were going to died that day, they never planned for it, if they had knew they would have amend their ways with God, He said no one knows when death will come knocking on the door, Christ might come after this message and what will be your fate?

I don’t know what came over me, but the more I tried to think of what he said, the more tears came running down my face, I was down on my knees with all my sins rubbed on my face - even the sins I planned to commit afterwards starred at me. I wept my heart out to God. 

Slowly, I walked down the hall for the altar call, and after the prayer, it was like I was made lighter, like something very heavy was taken away from me and there was this joy and peace within and outside me, like I could literally feel it, I went home happy that morning, from then till now, it’s the grace of God that has been keeping me and I know I will see his face one day.

It feels good to be saved.

This story is an entry in the Saved By Nails Series (a compilation of real life salvation stories shared from the heart). You can share your Salvation story by clicking here

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