How to Build a Quiet Time Culture as a Believer

A Quiet time is an essential ingredient in building a daily relationship with God. It is the time set aside regularly to go to a quiet place for a meeting, communion and fellowship with God. It is the time set aside to communicate with the father through the living word with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and also to bring our requests to God in prayer. Through quiet time we cultivate a relationship with God. 

How to Build a Quiet Time Culture as a Believer

Why do Believers need a Quiet Time?

There are many reasons why believers need to observe their quiet time. 

1. It gives us access to God's power

Every believer needs God's power to cope with daily activities and you can only receive that power in the secret place. This emphasises the need to build a quiet time culture as a believer - 1kings 19:7, Jn15:5, Isa.40:31, Prov.3:5-6.

2. It helps us Pattern our Lives

By building an effective quiet time culture, we learn to pattern our lives after our Lord Jesus Christ's life by following his steps - Matt.14:23, Mk.1:25, 6:46, 1Pet. 2:21. It also helps us to create the right reaction to trials and temptations that befall us. Substance already imparted in us help to react to situations and circumstances - 1Pet. 1:3-7, Heb.12:10-11.

3. It helps us build a personal relationship with God

To cultivate a personal habit of worshiping the Lord and thereby help our personal devotion - 1Pet.2;2, Josh.1:8, Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 95:6.
To create personal adjustment to the teachings of the Bible, Living by the word, reacting positively to the Bible - John.1:12-14, Matt.6:6, Phil. 2:1, 1Pet 2:2, James 1:21-25.

What items do you require for a Quiet time with God?

The Holy Bible (it is advisable to have more than one version and a good reference of the Bible by the side).
Hymn book/chorus book and dictionary.
Notebook and a Pencil
List of Prayers points
Aid: A daily devotional.

As you progress in your relationship with God, you will learn to commune deeper and may not always require a Quiet time Aid (like your devotionals). However, you must not substitute your devotional under the guise of hearing from God. God speaks through devotionals too and you just need to be sensitive to His leading per time.

Where and When should you have your quiet time?

The appropriate time and place for your quiet time is dependent on many factors. As regards time, it is advised that you observe your quiet time frequently, or at least once a day just like Daniel did in Daniel 6:10. The preferred place for your quiet time as the name rightly describes is a quiet place.That settled, the duration of your quiet time is to be determined by the believer such that it does not encroach on another activity for the day while keeping in mind that God deserves our best, not our left over. When choosing your devotional or quiet time, you must understand that God is not insensitive or irresponsible. He know that you have a daily job to resume by 7:30am and that you have other activities for the day. So while He wants you to spend time with Him, He expects you to use your discretion properly.

The period of the day for your devotion or quiet time could be at any acceptable time, preferably early in the morning.

Benefits of a Quite Time

1. It provides an opportunity for the soul to linger in the presence of God, laying the innermost being before him. This forms a bond known as Koinonia.

2. Entering a reverent and affectionate yet fruitful conference with him. Creates an atmosphere where God speaks to you and you speak back to him.

3. You are opened to the working knowledge of the Bible as a result of the deep revelations that you are privileged to access in the secret place.

4. An effective quiet time helps a believer to know God, his nature, character and ways.

5. A fruitful and consistent quiet time brings out a balanced spiritual development in at least three different areas:
healthy and fruitful bible knowledge and fruitful prayer life.

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