By the Renewing of Your Mind: Gospel Today Devotional - 12th November, 2023

There's this tendency to want to talk, act, and behave the same way some people do. This may be as a result of our closeness to such persons, and that over time, having observed them, and how they do things, we begin to act, talk, smile almost just like them. In most cases, we even begin to share their beliefs, and values, doing the same thing as them. It implies that we have conformed ourselves to these people, and unless something happens, provided that conformation is of a negative influence, we may continue to live, and act like such persons.

By the Renewing of Your Mind: Gospel Today Devotional - 12th November, 2023

Take for instance, a young lady who has for over a long time watch her mother cook. She has been observing for a while how it is the mother does her cooking, and if this continues for a while, you will discover that by default, this young lady will cook exactly like her mother, isn't it? And except something is done, that cooking style, and taste may never change, do you agree?

Today, by the grace of God as he has always helped us, we shall be seeing something very important from scripture, how that the apostle Paul in his epistle pleaded with the people not to by default begin to do, and act in ways that were not consistent with God's nature in them. Praise God. The passage of scripture is seen below,

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." (Romans 12:2).

The whole chapter twelve of the book of Romans talks about the believer, and that which is expected of him, and of course, this epistle was written to the saints in Rome. In the opening verse, he had talked to them on how it is that they were to make their bodies living sacrifices, holy, and acceptable which of course was their reasonable service. The apostle Paul however in the next verse admonished them about how they were to comport themselves as believers in the world. What did he say?

He said to them not to be conformed to this world (that is, they were not to live according to the systems, and practices of those around them) which was contrary to the life of God that was at work in them. But then he said to them, that while living in the world, they were to renew their mind (free their mind with things that are consistent with the nature of God in them, meditate on them), and by doing so, they would be changed (transformed); and that continually, as a result of renewing their mind.

But why the need to do that? So that at every point in time, that which they do will be that which the Lord considers good, not just good, but acceptable, not just acceptable, but at the same time perfect, and also that which is his will. And just like the apostle Paul said to them, he is saying to us to feed our mind constantly with things consistent with the will of God; not to work in the flesh but in the spirit such that at every point in time, we may do that which is good, acceptable, perfect, and also the will of God. May the Lord help us to be doers of his word in Christ's name. Amen.

Thought for the day: As a believer, you're to constantly feed your mind with things that are consistent with God's nature now in you that you may prove (do) what is the good, acceptable, perfect will of God.

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