Do Not Rationalise His Instructions: Gospel Today Devotional - 29th November, 2023

Many believers only obey whatever instruction God gives them when it's appealing to them. They only come to obey when it's reasonable enough, not when it speaks against their own desires. Most times, it's as though they just want the Lord to put a stamp on that which they have already desired to do in their hearts, but when an instruction which is contrary to what they desire is given to them, they find it difficult to obey.

Do Not Rationalise His Instructions: Gospel Today Devotional - 29th November, 2023

It happened that there was famine in Samaria which made life very unbearable for the people living in it. The prices of things became so very expensive, and people could barely feed. It was as a result of this that Elisha the prophet came to deliver a very important message, and what was the message? That the Lord would visit them, and the prices in the purchase of things would become so very cheap. While it was something to be happy about, it didn't sound reasonable. How would the Lord do that? Would he open the heavens, and then make these things so? He is God, and when he promises to do a thing , he does that which he promises to do.

The issue is that rather than trust the Lord, and consider him faithful, we bother ourselves with the question, how? How would he do it? How would I go about it? Really? It is not in your power to do that which the Lord has promised to do. Your only responsibility is to obey him, and believe him who has promised. This would lead us to consider the passage of scripture below,

"Then a lord on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God, and said, Behold, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be? And he said, Behold, thou shalt see it with thine eyes, but shalt not eat thereof". (2 Kings 7:2).

When the prophet gave this instruction, it sounded so unreasonable. It sounded so unreal. How would that even happen? We all need to understand this, the fact that we many times don't understand the instructions he gives at first, or fail to see how such things will be done does not mean his instructions are not genuine, and it at the same time does not mean it will not happen but like it has been said, to trust the Lord who has promised. If believers can bear this in mind, we would see more of God's power working in us, and for us. The reason why many things are not done is not because God is powerless, it is because of our unbelief; the fact that we doubt him, but God who is rich in mercy still does what he promises to do just to show he is faithful. Praise God.

When this message was  given to the king by the prophet, there was a man on whose hand the king leaned who questioned the reasonableness of this prophecy. To him, it was very much unreasonable. He said (paraphrasing), how would that even be possible? And made it look as though God had no power at all, that even if the Lord would make windows in heaven, it would be impossible for what the prophet had said to happen. This is what happens when we as believers begin to rationalise(try to reason or explain away)  his instructions before we agree. If it goes well with us, we accept but if it doesn't, we reject it completely. May the Lord help us.

This man got his reward, his unbelief, and rationalising of God's instructions did not hinder God from doing what he had promised to do for it happened even as the prophet had said, although the man saw the fulfilment of God's promise for his people, but couldn't take part in it, why? Because he doubted. Many times, the instructions you get may not be humanly possible, may not make sense to you, you may not understand why, and how. This however does not mean it is not the Lord who has said such things, and if he has told you such things, you should be confident in this, that he would do even as he has promised, for with God nothing is impossible, and nothing shall be impossible with him. May these words bless our hearts richly. Amen.

Thought for the day: While it may not make sense, or you may not understand how such things would be done, all you need do is to believe the Lord and do as he has said.

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