He Deserves to be Praised: Gospel Today Devotional - 21st November, 2023

Owing to the fact that so many things happen, good, and not so good, it is important that we look back just to consider those events, and find for ourselves reasons why we still need to be thankful. Praise God. You see, it must be something intentional, and not casual. When it comes to giving thanks to God, we must be so intentional about it because he is intentional in his dealings with us. It is not just enough to say we know what he did but that with the knowledge we have of him, we are to give him praise. Hallelujah!

He Deserves to be Praised: Gospel Today Devotional - 21st November, 2023

There are persons who no longer can breathe, aren't they? They are persons who no longer can walk? There are persons who went through the same route as you did but became victims of unpleasant situations. Need I tell you that there are some who can't afford to feed themselves, and there are some who wish to be like you, and to be in the position you are but still find themselves in the situations they are? Why all these? To mock them, of course not. This however is to reveal to you the fact that God deserves your praise.

He has been faithful to you, hasn't he? He has not left you alone, has he? If God in his kindness has done all these things for you, wouldn't it be glorious if you just said to him that you're grateful because he truly deserves to be praised? Let's see from the Psalmist's statement how he praised the Lord trusting the Lord to learn from it. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"I will praise thee , O Lord , with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. [2] I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High".(Psalm 9:1,2).

If a Father gets something for his son that he had long been praying to have, what do you think that child would do? Look at the father to ask who sent him to get him the gift? The answer is no, but that child out of excitement will shout for joy, hug his father, and be filled with a heart of gratitude, giving thanks to him for that which he got him, don't you agree? This is how believers are to act as well, not necessarily when things are all beautiful, but as the scripture says, to give thanks in everything, whether beautiful or not. Glory to God!

If you look at the Psalmist's statement in the passage of scripture above, he didn't say he was going to give God praise with half of his heart, or did he? Maybe I didn't see that. He said with his whole heart(meaning, he was going to praise him without holding back anything, and thanking him for everything). Look at the next statement, I will show forth all thy marvelous works, how? Through praise, and recounting what it is the Lord has done for all to hear, and to possibly  rejoice with him, but most importantly to the end, that he may praise the Lord with the whole of his heart.

Let's look at the next verse, he says he would be glad, and rejoice not in himself, not in his possessions, not in his doings, but as it were in the Lord, and will sing praises to his name alone, the most high God. Hallelujah! What does this tell us? That the Lord deserves to be praised, and if we must praise him, we must do this with the whole of our heart, tell of his marvelous works, be glad, and rejoice in him, and also sing unending praises to his name. Glory to God! May these words dwell richly in our hearts today. Amen.

Thought for the Day: God deserves to be praised, and if you must praise him, you must do that with intentionality.

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