God Hates Iniquity: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th December, 2023


It is true that as humans, we are allergic to quite a number of things. How do I mean? I mean to say that many persons cannot stand the presence or the smell of  of many things. There are some persons who get nauseated at the smell of some kind of food, there are some persons as well who cannot stand the smell of dust. Many more would hardly stay in a place where anything is being fried. This is not their fault, it is because there's something operating right inside them that make them so hypersensitive to these things.

God Hates Iniquity: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th December, 2023

Another thing to note is that as long as they continue to live, this will continue to be an issue for them. They just cannot tolerate those things that cause them great disturbances. And once one is allergic to a thing, it is advised not to engage in activities with those things in it or go no near a place where he or she may come in contact with such. This is because it is very detrimental to their health, and sometimes, can even lead to death. Are we still following?

This month has been a month of knowing God with the emphasis being that it is our knowledge of God that determines our experience of him, and that we cannot experience God more than we know him. Praise God. I have come to learn a lot in this series, and I believe you have come to learn so much as well. Today, we shall be learning something else about God; one of the things the defines him as God, and I trust the Lord to help us. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity" (Habakkuk 1:13a).

There's one important thing today's lesson seeks to explain to us, the fact that God has allergies too. There are things God cannot tolerate, there are things that he cannot just behold. This is because of God's essential attribute of holiness (purity). As a result of this nature of God, certain things become intolerable to him. We started by explaining how it is that man as a person cannot stand certain things, right? The same thing with God, it is against his nature to condone, accommodate, and tolerate certain things, and once we know this, we know exactly what to do before God, and how to live our lives before him. Praise God.

The scripture above begins by stating that God is pure in nature (thou art of purer eyes), and we have considered this trait of God when we discussed of his holy nature, right? And it went further to say that because of this nature of God, he is allergic to evil, and cannot look at iniquity. That means that God as a result of his pure nature will never tolerate anything that does not conform to his nature. He will not behold evil ( injustice, unrighteousness, immorality, perversion, murder, and all such things that are inconsistent with his nature), neither will he look iniquity ( any iota of blemish). He can't stand it. Evil, and iniquity (sin) irritates God. It makes him unhappy, and uncomfortable, why? Because he is too pure. He will not even look at it just the way some persons would hardly want to look at the corpse of another.

This is the reason God made redemption available through his Son. He could not stand the evil men perpetrated, it always made him unhappy, and he didn't want to destroy them for their evil deeds like he did in the time of Noah, and Lot, and even with the children of Israel. God's mercy still speaks today. He would that all men were saved such that they no longer perpetrate evil, and sin against him. Knowing this about God, we are to live our lives as sons in ways that please the Lord, and also extend this message to others who are still perpetrating evil, and living in sin, that they may come to him, and no longer do things to hurt the Lord. May the Lord help us all. Amen.

Thought for the Day

God is too pure to look on evil, and tolerate iniquity. He is allergic to these things. You should live your life therefore in ways that please him.

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