God is all Seeing: Gospel Today Devotional -14th December 2022


Perhaps if we lived with the idea that there's one who sees everything we do, it would help us in making sure we do nothing but that which is good at all times. The reason many persons perpetrate evil a lot is because they have no fear, first for God, and then for man or whoever they are supposed to be answerable to. Glory to Jesus. If only men knew that whatever they do is seen by one whose eyes is everywhere, they would cease in doing evil. It is this knowledge about God that makes one desist from doing something bad even if no one is there to know for sure what he or she has done. Glory to God.

God is all Seeing: Gospel Today Devotional -14th December 2022

Men are limited in sight. How do I mean? The eyes of men literally cannot be everywhere. They can't behold everything. They can only see you when you're within their reach, and even sometimes when you're within their reach, they still are unable to see all the things you do how much more when you're not. This is a proof that man is not all seeing. Man can only see the things within his environment as compared to God who is all seeing in nature. He sees all, why? Because he is everywhere at the same time. That feeling you get that one is monitoring you, and that the person sees your every action.

Have you been to a place where they have CCTVs installed all around? Why do you think they do that? Because they know for sure that they can't see everything going on in the organization, and if by some chance there happens to be a suspicious act in the organization, they make reference to the CCTV to show them what they couldn't see, and as expected, the CCTV many times capture things like that. But you see, even the CCTV produced by man is limited sight. It is still not all seeing. It can be tampered to see what they only want it to see. This nature of God is what we would be looking at in our study today. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" (Proverbs 15:3).

Do you remember Joseph? How that he was sold by his brothers in an attempt to cut short God's plan for his life. Do you remember how Potiphar's wife tempted him? At that point where no one was with him, and the woman, do you remember what he said? How can I do this evil and great wickedness against God, right? Why didn't he mention Potiphar? Because he could have slept with the woman, and his master wouldn't have known. But then he knew that even though his master was not all seeing, there was one who could have seen everything he did. He feared him more because he couldn't hide from him.

Look at what the scripture says,  that the eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding (taking note of, looking at) the evil, and the good. The scripture didn't say the eyes of the Lord is restricted to some places alone, but it says everyplace; meaning that God sees everything. He sees what each and everyone does in the earth. He takes note of it. He looks at it. He considers it. You cannot hide from him. You cannot tell him to stop looking. That is his nature. God is all seeing. There's is no running from the Lord. He sees in that darkness, why? Because of his nature of light. So you can turn off the light, he would still see you. God is all seeing.

He knows what you do in secret. He sees your every action, and although men see as you want them to see, God sees all that should be seen. He sees how it is you struggle, he sees the good you do, and as well as the evil. He sees how you deny evil like Joseph, and how you decide to do that great wickedness against him. Do not for one moment think he does not see you or will not see you. God is all seeing. His eyes are in every place beholding the evil (evil as in your actions or evil as in your person), and the good (good as in your actions or good as in your person). Having this knowledge in you will make you do things to honour God whether or not people see you because you know there's one who is all seeing in nature. The Lord help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day: Even though men do not see what you do since they are limited in sight, remember that the eyes of the Lord sees everything you do. His eyes are in everyplace beholding the good, and the evil.

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