God is Just in Nature: Gospel Today Devotional - 10th December, 2023


It is good how we emphasize the fact that God is love, God is light, God is patient, God is peace, God is Almighty, and all. The problem however is that in our utmost desire to tell people who God is, and what defines him, we try to project just some attributes and leave out others as though it is not the same God we are talking about. It's as though in our preaching, and sermons, we esteem some of God's attribute than others whereas God's attributes, I mean all of it, cannot be separated from God. His attributes are him, and he is his attributes. We cannot know God fully this way. There's no way you can appreciate God's mercy, and love if you do not know that God is just. He is a God of justice.

God is Just in Nature: Gospel Today Devotional - 10th December, 2023

More than ever, we have failed in our teaching to emphasize this essential attribute of God perhaps we are scared of the fact that it will send people away. It will make them afraid of God or maybe sometimes, we are just afraid of the fact that people will leave our churches, or never listen to our messages anymore. Let's not be one sided in revealing God to men. All these attributes make God the person he is. No one should be esteemed above the other. Hallelujah.

This is that which today's lesson will be centered on. We shall be looking at the justice of God. God is a just God. He is a God of justice could also mean that he is a God of judgement. As loving, and merciful as he is, he is also a God of justice. He is just in nature. Does this mean that God is wicked? Not at all. It only gives you a reason to appreciate his mercy, grace, and love. Praise God! The following passages will be considered as we look into this essential trait of God together, and I trust the Lord to reveal himself to us.

"He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he" (Deuteronomy 32:4). "And therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the Lord is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him" (Isaiah 30:18).

The first scripture gives us an understanding of God. It tells us about the just nature of God. The scripture calls him the Rock, the sustainer of life. It says his work, that is, the work of God is perfect which means that there's no imperfection in God, and that all his ways are judgments which means that there's no partiality with God, he renders unto every man what is meant for him. It says that God is a God of truth ( he is not double tongued, truth defines him, he wouldn't lie to pervert justice), and that he is also without iniquity since he would not be unjust, and right is he ( God does this the right thing at all times, he will never do wrong by being unfair or unjust). Hallelujah!

The second scripture seeks to appreciate God's nature of justice or judgment. Of a truth God is just, he is a God of justice, and judgment. He is one who renders to every man according to the work of his hand, yet he is merciful. His mercy comes to play because of his judgment. The reason he shows his mercy, and love is such that his judgment can be tempered so that men will not come under his judgment. According to the second scripture, that is the reason he would wait for you so he can be gracious to you, and that's the reason he would wait so that his mercy can speak for you, why? To the end that no man comes under his judgment since he is a God of justice, and fairness, and a God who would not tolerate iniquity. This we have to know about God so that we all can live for him acceptably.

Two things to learn here, the first being that God is just in nature meaning that he is a God of justice, and judgment. He will render unto every man according to his works, and hence we all must live our lives so as not to come under his judgment. That cannot change. God is a God of justice. He will wait to show you mercy, and to be gracious upon you, will you receive of his mercy, and grace? No one will blame God for executing justice, why? Because he has made provisions for his mercy, and grace which are also part of his nature. The second of it is this, that just as God is just in nature, and would not pervert justice, we also should live like him, and do right at all times. The Lord help us all in Jesus' name.

Thought for the day

No one will blame God for executing justice because he made available his mercy, and grace. God is a God of justice, and judgement. He is just in nature. This you must know.

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