God is not Slow: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th December, 2022


In our dealings, and relationship with God who is the Creator of all that is, and the sustainer of it as well, we must first bear this in mind just as it has been said that God is not a man. Once this is first understood, we would relate with God very differently from the way we relate with man. Our trust would be in him more than we put our trust in man. We would learn to lean more on him for help more than we learn to lean on mortal man. The whole of our being will depend solely on the one who has all it takes to take care of us. Hallelujah.

Having said this, the series has been an amazing one indeed. All glory to God who in mercy, and love has decided to reveal to us truths about himself and lessons to learn as believers. The series has opened your eyes as well as it has opened mine to some of the essential attributes of God, and I want to believe that your knowledge of him is no longer how it used to be. You have come to learn new things about God even if it's just a lesson. It is my prayer that God will continue to open your eyes as well as mine to the very amazing things he wants us to see about him.

God is not Slow: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th December, 2022

Moving forward, we shall be considering another one of God's essential attributes, the fact that this God we serve is not slow. The fact that he makes all things beautiful in his time. It is possible people say that God is slow but the truth remains that God is not. There's a vast difference between patience, and sluggishness. While the former defines who God is, the latter is not an attribute of God. God is not slow. The passage of scripture under consideration is seem below,

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness"*(2 Peter 3:9a).

Sometimes, you hear people say God is slow. They say things like why hasn't he done it yet? If not now, when? Would God remember when I am already old? Why is he taking so long? And many more. I believe you would have heard that too, right? Is God slow? Is it really true that God will not bring his word to pass? The answer is no. God is not slow. The only problem with men is that they want God to work with their own timing forgetting that God makes everything beautiful in his own time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). If we keep assessing God's ability to do that which he has promised based on the timing we give, it means we have not come to understand God yet, and we will keep thinking that God is slow.

The word slack could also mean slow, and I believe if we should insert the word slow into the text above, it would read that  the Lord is not slow, right? I want you to see something there, it says the Lord is not slack (slow) concerning his promise. That means that if God says a thing, although it tarries, in his own time, he would bring that thing to pass. It may look to you that God is slow in his promise, and perhaps he has promised to give you a child, to give you a job, to heal you, do not think God is slow, why? When it comes to that which he has promised, God is not slack (slow). He will bring it to pass in his time. Yours is to wait patiently on him. Secondly, it says as some men count slackness which means that there's a way men assess slackness (slowness); they assess slackness based on the fulfilment of God's word in accordance with their own timing not God's.

So when it doesn't happen at the time they have planned, they say God is slow. It says that is not true. You do not think that way. God does not work by our timing, the promises are his, and he knows when best to bring them to pass. He makes everything beautiful in his own time not ours. Once we understand this, we would know for sure that God is not slow as men assess slowness. It is a shallowness in the understanding of God that makes men think he is slow. God is not slow, and as believers, this should not be the thoughts in our hearts. God is not slow concerning his promise (2 Peter 3:9a), he would bring it to pass in his time (Ecclesiastes 3:11), ours is to wait for it, and to wait patiently on the Lord ( Habakkuk 2:3, Psalm 37:7). The Lord cause his word to dwell richly in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: God is not slow concerning his promise. He only makes things beautiful in his time not ours. Do not assess his ability to fulfil his promise by the time you set for him. He works with his own time not yours.

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